Does life suck?

Been asking a few people this lately… Different responses from different people.

I don’t want any: “Well yes, and no”. Just a simple Yes, or No. Nothing too much to ask :wink: I’m expecting a lot of ‘No’ answers, considering this is a fairly positive forum. But then again… I could be wrong.

And as for Airhead… Please refrain from adding another option :wink:

euh, well…

figured i’d even out the early numbers for you…

i don’t hold an opinion either way…

Not at this moment, but that can change within milliseconds :slight_smile:

You don’t want an answer from me at the moment, do you? :wink:

Sure, I do. I want an answer from as many people as possible.

And if you want to know, I voted on ‘Yes’.

i voted no although some times lifes a bitch, but its amazing what a possitive attitude can bring.

Well… I guess my stereotype of a black metaller is true. I’m a pessimist. Suicide is always an option. And I hate people that say “It’ll be alright” :frowning:

Life is what you make it…Don’t take anything for granted because one minute you’re here the next minute you’re gone.

I am sixty seven years old and I can tell you that life is what you make it. Problems are simply learning experiences. If you view them as such, you will vote no also.

Ivanhoe, you’re full of quotes and little quirks, aren’t you :stuck_out_tongue:

Just dealing with reality.

I’ve never enjoyed my life as much as I do now :smiley:

try listening to some up lifting house music, instead of that depressing black metal rubbish. i have suffered with depression all my life (runs in the family) i don`t take anti-depresents but do listen to plenty of happy music it helps lift the soul :slight_smile:

well… yes it does suck but isn’t there a law against polls with fewer than 5000 options on this board?

Life sucks and then you meet your wife who doesn’t.

only when its not going the way i want it too :wink:

Im not sure how that was meant to be interprited :wink: :Z

I am. :stuck_out_tongue:

A life is a time allowed for each individual life being. We can only try to improve our fates which can never be perfect. Most people by now in the US and in Western Europe reply they are happy in their lives. Most people in South Korea reply they are unhappy. That’s just the statistics around year 2000 A.D., plus-minus some years. It was different 30 years ago, 300 years ago, 3,000 years ago, and 30,000 years ago, and will be different in 30 years and in 300 years. I spend most of my time on thinking in those terms, rather than thinking whether my life “sucks” or not. What one thinks is what one is.

What I mean is, think more about what we can do to increase the positive trends of the general fates of the whole humanity. Sorry, no “suck” in my dictionary. I can only frown upon those words. :slight_smile: It sounds to me irresponsible.