Does LH-series have OHT on by default?

I can’t see any difference between these two burns (quality or burn time), the first being without me ever having touched any Smart-Burn settings and the second with only OHT enabled (other checkboxes unticked). The drive’s LED did a “double-blink” on both burns.

IMO some of the more common media (MCC 004, YUDEN000 T02, and even RITEK R03) may have their default strategies optimized so well that OHT is not needed for good results…

But I wonder why the double-blink…?

I did another burn (same setup/discs/data as before) after first switching on and then switching off OHT (both acknowledged by the drive’s LED). Also did a “Clear OPC History” right after those two burns I made the day before yesterday. The result (quality & burn-time) is still the same and the LED still did a double-blink when burning. I can’t seem to switch OHT off? When burning to a DVD-RW, the LED did a normal (single) blink, burning to a DVD+RW it stays on continuously… Can anyone enlighten me on the LED behaviour of this drive and any relation to OHT thereof?


I have some similar experiences. With most mids OHT is not on per default, but with some media for example SONY D21 the burner seem to use always OHT no matter if it is enabled in smartburn or not. Maybe the firmware do this with media who is known for big variations.

Another observation I made is with Yuden 000T03. With this mid OHT doesn’t work. Exactly the opposite thing as with Sony. Also with OHT enabled in smartburn you get a clean and straigt write graph in cd-dvd speed. My possible explanation, LiteOn trust this media and wants to make sure that an 18x burn burns really in 18x time, cause this mid is with HL03 the only, who is given free for 18x per default. With HL05 there are some more, even CMC.

Does the YUDEN000 T03 burning work well at least?

(From what I’ve seen it does, but I wonder whether it was just sheer luck or whether YUDEN000 T03 (and TYG03) burning strategies have actually been improved…)

Yes T03 burns well even at 18x no problem. But it is not the best mid for the LH18. Good MCC004 or even Ricoh Ultraspeed and some other brands give me better results. You can see some scans from me in the LH18-A1H scans thread. TYG03 I didn’t try yet, for T03 I prefer my 1640 or the Pioneer 111.

I thought when I placed my MCC004 in my drive and loaded Smartburn…HT was on by default

I a 100% convinced MCC004 media has some real poor/variable batches around

I turned off HT(I use smartburn 3.1.16…I got some yucky burns with 3.1.16t)…cant tell if OHT is in off in this version

So i have SB on, OS on…my MCC004 burn better

That’s wright, but I have excellent MCC004 from CMC and a big stock of them. :slight_smile:
And from T03 also some poor batches are known. 16x Taiyo Yuden media are not my favourites anymore, they are nothing special compared to some other brands, they can’t hold tight with their 8x media.

The OHT option is only with smartburn 3.1.16t available not with 3.1.16 or Kprobe. You can also use imageburn to activate OHT.

And as HT concerns I get better results with MCC004 with HT off and OHT on.

You’re correct, thanks for your comments. I tested a T03 @18X with HT/OS=OFF + OHT=ON and got a straight burn line (no OPC dips) in CDSpeed and a single blink LED. Lite-On seems to have decided for us. :wink:


SB On?
OHT ON and HT/OS OFF…this gives a better burn

OK… I will give it a go

Blah…I got a 16x burn with QS of 93 but looked like pure crap

Bad media? Or your LH18 is one of the obviously many below average drives of that series. Mine burns MCC004 with excellent results. Here is an example

Ok…mine is LH-201AH…we are comparing apples and oranges…I burn at 18x on the MCC004(16x tend to be better) and often will scan at 8x

I think all these drives are ok…not up to H22N

Yes it is bad media…you may have an excellent batch of MCC004…my newest batch burns [B]ok[/B] not great on any of my drives…1655/H22N(burns look better but still not as good as my batch of MCC004 from a yr ago)

I don’t think so it’s the same hardware, I’m sure a crossflash will be available in some time. Near the serial number of mine you can see LH20-A1H written.

18x works also very good with these CMC MCC004, but sometimes not with India batches. This is an 18x burn, burntime 5.16 .

I understand that the hardware is the same but are the firmwares…it appears you have a “golden drive” in some ways and real high quality MCC004

Too many others are seeing not so good results as well…

I had a batch of MCC004 but these were bought a year ago like those before but the last 3 batches(supposedly 2 CMC and 1 Prodisc) are poor samples…they burn not so well on a 1655 and H22N

The last 3 burns I have had on my LH-201AH …one was real sweet to very last few mb…ended with QS84, then I got 43 and 95…no way you can blame the drive for such variablity…I would expect a consistently very poor set of burns

I am sick of the crappy media issues…I used to love Verbatim 16x and I specifically looked for the CMC variety…

Anyway I will burn a few on the H22N if they are nice burns…I may try to see if I can get an RMA but I really beleive this is a media issue as well as suboptimal fw(LS prevents any burns after from being any faster than 6x…thats BS)

@ [B]nealh[/B] : this is not about quality scans, but the fact whether you can turn OHT ON and OFF on LH-series drives. :slight_smile:

yes you can…use smartburn 3.1.16t!!!

OK then, about the fact that doesn’t work, if you wish.

Could you list some MIDs that change their OTH behaviour between HL03 and HL05 ?

I can’t at the moment, because I used HL05 only one day. I flashed back again to HL03 because my 1640 scans the HL03 burns better than the HL05. Maybe it has nothing to mean and it’s only one of the peculiarities of BenQ drives scanning foreign burns, because the LiteOn scans are as good with HL05 as with HL03. But I will wait for the next firmwareupdate and use HL03 again at the moment.