Does LG 4163B dvd-burner support DVD-R DL?

first post…

the question is mentioned in the title…

Nope im afraid not maybe the next LG drive will.

And it cannot be added with future firmware update or something?
I think NEC did it with their 3520 model? am I right?

LG never done anything like that

Maybe they’ll forced to!
Almost everyone else do this.

I sent them an email and asked them if they would release af irmware up to support -R dual layer on the 4163B they said >> Thank you for your email. DVD-R Dual layer support will be available on future drives. UK Helpdesk

So it probably will be in their next drive or the one after that.

The 4165B has already been announced. That drive will support DVD-R DL and probably Light Scribe too. But as there seems to be no Bitsetting for DVD-R DL I don’t see any use for it. Most drives will not be able to read those media.

No drive can bitset -R DL media, hopefully some drive manufacturer will figure out a hack or someway of bitsetting -R media in the future.