Does learning make any sense with media from different countries but same MID?


I am just wondering what solidburn is supposed to learn as write startegy if you write to media with identical media identifier, but coming from dfferent countrys.

So, for example, assume you got MCC00x discs from India, Mexico, Singapore, and Taiwan. You can get good media from each, but it is not really the same indeed. So, what will solidburn really learn, if you mix this media? Does it make any sense at all letting SB learn this?



I would think if you kept mixing them the results would not be as good as they could be if you just
burned one bunch because Solid Burn would have to relearn each one everytime.

Generally you would use one spindle before moving onto the next. If you know its a significantly different batch then it may be better to clear the learned media from the drive before using the new media.

Using a mish mash of batches for one media code could confuse the SolidBurn and cause poor burns.

qwakrz is right, and here it comes handy if you own two BenQs. I usually burn one batch (MCC 004 India) only on the 1650 and the other batch (MCC 004 Taiwan LightScribe) on the 1655. This way I get to keep optimal SolidBurn learning on both drives.