Does Kprobe incompatible with SCSI Writer?

My system has a LiteOn 1653S DVD writer and a Sony SCSI CD writer connect to the Adaptec 2902A scsi card. When I run the Kprobe 2.4.2 or LiteOn BookType utility, it will stop in the scan driver menu about 2 mins, the led of the sony cd writer will flash many times, is any problem with the Kprobe and SCSI writer? I try to connect the sony scsi cd writer to the Adaptec 29320 scsi card, also has the same problem.

My PC config:
Intel P4 2.8C + I865G + 512MB Ram + WinXP Pro + ASPI 4.60

Yes, Kprobe can have issues with SCSI drivers. You can try switching KProbe to SPTI driver or ASPI, whichever works.