Does Kenny work for LG Electronics?


I hope so!!
Can you arrange some new 16x DVD+/-R, 8x DVD+/-RW, 8x DVD-RAM writers from LG.
Of course I will pay for them!!

Namoh likes LG & DVD-RAM! :wink:

I didn’t expect anyone could imagine an LG employee working at the headquarter or at the P’taek lab would spend time posting at CDFreaks.

Why not buy Sony blue laser drive instead?

To expensive (for me).

I’ve heard from people all over the globe around here and even the big companies take time and effort to visit this place of knowledge.
How is everything at LG at the moment?

i’m surprised at the poll results, really.
Kenny,i think you overreacted to that guy’s comments.

I don’t think it’s your place to comment so. This is a free world and surely CDFreaks is a freer place than average. But I believe there’s no honor for those who choose to try to spread an assumption or guess or suspection that I could work for LG. Unless you are 100% naive not to know anything about me.

That was far worse than saying “fuck your mother” to my face in the real world. I would have banned any such person on my site but then CDFreaks has different rules. You probably don’t even understand why I quit CDRLabs because that’s your place, not mine, with different rules and different kind of respect for human beings, laughing at others who believe in other things, and so on, wondering what the hell is wrong in this guy without first admitting it could your fault not to undestand.

So what’s the reason to revive this thread?

South Korea is not that part of the globe then. None at LG and Samsung knew about CDFreaks among I talked to. LG’s doing very fine, better than Philips and Pioneer at least.

I don’t really get the point… (second time here in CDF). It does not matter where the Members of CDF work, because it is none of anybody’s business.

These kind of questions fall under category of discretion.

No vote from my part.

You didn’t get the point. This thread was created by myself to make my point to decide whether I had to leave or not. Things got already out of (my) control. No serious person reading my posts think I work to get money from anyone because I make it very apparent often enough so that everyone who’s interested enough would know. For those who do not visit the forums regularly, again nobody should think I do care about them seriously. I’ve been literally in thousands of forums meeting thousands of persons at hundreds of “offline” parties or meetings or dinners or whatever. I don’t mind if millions or even billions regard me as if I were some direct descendent of Satan himself. As far as I am concerned, they can all go to hell because that’s where they should be.

I have had ideas about communities that never changed for over 10 years. The word community is about people gathered together. Online community is about a “cybernetic” space for people interested and willing to take part in a particular activity. CDFreaks is a community for English-reading people interested in optical storage hardware and software. Two things are really important to justify such a community. Being together and concentrating on the subject that brought the gathered people together in the first place. Those who mainly attack other people’s persons do not belong to such communities because they are not together with the rest and they are not participating but selfishly working to create disharmony. Many futurists believe large modern cities of the industralization times should have never been created if smaller and more human-friendly cities and villages could have been enough for industrialization. There are already too many such cities to remove all the roads and buildings at this time and even news ones are created out of nowhere where only farmers have worked for millenia to make their own living and they are expanding, but smaller and better cities are always popular in countries where more and more people have realized strongly enough to make a transition. Online communities should move in the same direction after all with great help from advancing technologies.

I think it’s fine if you work at LG, and this thread is not of my concern, but i think it’s no use knowing personal details of people…
I think you guy’s need to chill out a bit…
Anyway, why don’t we just leave it at that?

You probably don’t know why some people wanted to make it look as if I worked for LG or even for Samsung. There’s no need to “chill out” because nobody was too heated.

Some guys were not satisfied with their LG drives. Some others with Samsung drives. Because they were ignorant and selfish to admit that it’s their own faults. Often they return drives without trying to fix something in their computers. So they chose an easy solution. Return and get refund or replacement. Blame manufacturers. Anybody who says otherwise is attacked.

Nobody here is interested in my personal details too much. Nobody here seriously thinks I work for LG or Samsung. They are more interested in their own sense of vanity and their drives.

So I wondered I was posting where such people enjoyed too much freedom.

I think it’s fine if you work at LG

You really have no right to say whether it’s fine or not.

My statement’s relevant part was more of academic nature. I am quite aware of the fact that you started the thread and what might trigger you asking for a vote.

Tha main idea of my standpoint was clearly expressed. Workplace has nothing to do with being a member of any community on the net.

No more comments from my part.