Does it usually take this long?

ive done the guide for getting spectrum warrior to work by doing that securom thingy but its taken about 19 hrs sofar and has only done 200mb/645mb

does it usually take so long!?!

also whats this thing that hoodlum did? is it a crack or a securom thing? my iso is full of bad sectors coz of securom and i cant open the folder without my PC stop responding.

SecuRom protected games are not full of bad sectors, dump the ISO file and make a new image from the original game disc using either BlindWrite, CloneCD or Alc120.
Note: If it is SecuRom 4.8+ then for CloneCD you will need to patch the image using Twinpeaks.
See Here for some guides.

i dont have the cd, only the iso.

is there anything i can do? and im sure the bad sector thing was a copyright protection tehcnique.

Well your ISO is broken…you will need the original CD to make a new image

If you have no cd then how do you get an image to begin with? :confused:
Your best bet is to re-image the original cd properly or else it simply won’t go…

Guys, he downloaded the game from P2P. Hoodlum is a releaser and I heard that it doesnt work too good.