Does it still makes sense to buy PX-712A?

Does the bitsetting apply to both DVD+R and DVD+RW?
I read that the PX-712A will only record to Ritek G04 (-R) at 4X and Ritek G05 (-R) at 8X, can someone confirm this and comment on the quality of these burns/medias? They are very popular and cheap medias. The Pioneer and NEC camp seem to be burning G04 at 8X all day long…

I have the following medias…What can I expect from them?
AN32 (My A05 burns these at 4X with acceptable quality)
TY02 (I’m told these are “fake”, but my A05 burns at 4X with acceptable quality)
G04 (Ritek)
Thanks again.

You should not expect too much out of those discs … they are rather low quality and I’ll be amazed if you’ll get a good burn with them …

Regarding G04, these should be OK at 4x, depending on the quality of the discs, you could get very good burns … they won’t write however at 8x like Pioneer or NEC drives do … :sad:

My RitekG05 (Traxdata 8x DVD-R) won’t even write at 2x!!! They always give a lead in error … could be a bad batch, or maybe the drive just doesn’t like them …

The only DVD-R 4x media which will burn at 8x on Plextor PX712A is TYG01 and TTG01 (if you’re lucky to have a batch which your drive likes … otherwise you’ll get a coaster at 8x) :sad:

Generally, PX712A is very picky with media, even with recommended media sometimes… :frowning:

Bittsetting only seem to work with DVD+R at the moment … DVD+RW’s are not working … To take advantage of bitsetting you’ll have to use NERO … most likely the new Plextools will also have support for bitsetting …


did you try to burn them with firmware 1.03 instead of 1.05? With my 712A I always get decent 8x burns with the first, coasters with the second (my discs are called “Ridisc”). I didn’t try 1.04, BTW.



Well folks, sorry to have been a tease…but, I’ve cancelled my order for the PX-712A. :eek:
It was not an easy decision, but after reading all the threads on this drive, especially the ones about the new 1.05 firmware, it made me uneasy. I feel I made the right decision because after cancelling the order it was as if a huge burden had been lifted! I feel for many of the 712 owners who are dissatisfied with their drives, and I hope Plextor does not abandon you in sight of their new 716! I don’t want to be restricted to using top dollar/ top name media and I can afford $20 more for a new NEC or Pioneer 16X DL unit. Also, I just peeked at a scan a friend of a disc my friend made with his Pioneer A07 with a firmware hack to let him write 8X to the G04 discs. These are grade B discs! I fear the 712A would never let me have this at 4X, not to mention at 8X. I’ve included his scans, but they are done on a Lite-on DVDROM/CDRW combo, so I’m sure they won’t carry much weight amonst the “Plextools” crew.

Anyway, thank you :bow: very much to all who made this an interesting thread and a hard decision!

-IO :slight_smile:

Thats because ur receipt had to be dated from the 23rd-29th to get the rebate and those dates r over so the rebate isnt good any more cause if u got it now the date would be after… and they have to receive ur rebate by october 29th i think i ordered a few 712’s in black heheheh so im good to go they should be here hopefully by monday. ill let ya know if they work good hopefully i got good ones that work :wink: then next mounth i cant wait for my 716 woot :cool:

No I haven’t … that’s interesting … I think I’ll downgrade temporarily to fw1.03 and give it a try …

Thanks ET.

There’s another cheap 712a

Price after rebate is $53.99, don’t know how we can send two rebates tho…

Plus 5% off (until 10/14/2004) using this

Let me know how it goes. :slight_smile:



I’ve just tried it and is still a no go. This time the error message in Plextools was “Write error at 0” instead of “Write error at 25” … same results though … they won’t write even at 2x!!!

Sorry to hear that! Looks like you haven’t been lucky in buying them too… :sad:
However, I have almost finished my RITEK Ridisc and now I am using mostly Verbatim DVD+R (MCC), and I am very happy of them. But I’ll save a bunch of those Ridisc for the 716A. :wink:

All the best,