Does it still makes sense to buy PX-712A?

I’m looking to upgrade my Pioneer A05 (4x burner). I was waiting for the 16x drive wars to declare a “winner”. That does not seem to be happening, although among what is currently available, it would be the NEC or Pioneer drive. I can get one of those drives for $70 - $80…

But, I just stumbled across a PX-712A for $40 (after rebate) and my memory seems to be telling me that the PX-712A burns as fast as the current crop of 16X burners. So, as objectively as possible, (I know I’ve posted this in a Plextor forum :wink: what would you do? Are the 16X drives going to speed up in a few months as 16X media becomes available? What am I NOT getting if I go with the PX-712A? Is the quality of the PX-712A as good as the new 16x drives I’ve mentioned? I know the PX-716A was recently annouced, but it’s not out now and it will be a lot more than $40.

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PS- the last Plextor I owned was a SCSI!

Let it be … the 712A has too many problems

That’s the kind of reply (from an owner) that I need to hear. I don’t want regrets!

The 712A has it’s strengths (fast DVD & Audio ripper and decent CD burner) but often fails where succeeding is most important - high speed DVD writing …

The NEC 3500 or Pioneer 108 are very capable alternatives (if you already own a good CDRW device) IMO

for only $40 it make sense! Not very bad price at all. people here with poor 712 got mad because, among other things, they paid premium price (I paid $159 three months ago, no rebate at all!!). Get one, and if works perfectly, you got a good deal, if it’s only so-so…

…then you at least have a good drive for PI/PIF scanning, even the cheapest LiteOns cost more. Even I would buy it for $40 (for scanning). Unfortunately, prices over here are at least 2-3 times higher.

Would the PX-712A be a better DVD ripper than my Liteon 163D DVD-ROM? Would the 712 be a better CD writer than my 48X liteon?

I sure would like to have access to the plextools stuff! But, I can’t afford the IDE channel monopoly of 3 optical drives anymore! I currently have 1. DVD burner (A05), 2. DVD-ROM (liteon 16x), 3. CD burner (48x liteon). One thing I wanted to accomplish by replacing my DVD-RW with a higher speed burner was to remove my 3rd drive and use the new DVD-RW to burn CDs (48x). I could replace my DVD-ROM and CD burner with the 712 and still have room for an NEC or PIO when someone figures out which is better!?!?

My 712 burns CDs fine. It burns my old Fuji TY 16x @48x if I remember correctly.

DVD ripping… I can’t compare with Liteon, don’t have one, but it is fast, up to 16x read (although I only got max 14x once). I might also get one for my friend across the ocean, they said there is like $150 or something… it’s from dell’s business right?

From my experience … yes.

Additionally, you can benefit from Plextools Pro for super fast and secure DAE …

At that price, I would get the unit too, even if you are unlucky and get one which is not that great at writing, as packetloss said you’ll get a very cheap and very good scanner! Its a bargain! The only argument against buying it would be if you want to buy the new PX716A later on … there’s no point in buying both …

In the battle of Pioneer vs NEC, promissed an extensive head to head review of these drives … it should come fairly soon I guess …

If I were you, I would go for the NEC drive even in the case that overall Pioneer might turn out to be a bit better than NEC (assumming that this would happen … I’m not saying that Pioneer is better) … the reason is that with NEC you can have bitsetting, NEC is slightly cheaper, there is a lot of FW support around from all OEM NEC partners (HP, TDK, MadDog) and from enthusiasts like Herrie, TDB, Liggy, etc … hence you’re bound to find a FW which works for you … both Pioneer and NEC are based on the same chipset BTW (but they are incompatible firmwarewise).

Wait for the PX-716A! in my opinion it will be amazing and leave the nec and pioneer behind!

@insaneoctane: where did you see it for $40 again? Dell was until yesterday only, too late. Link please.

For that money: Buy it!

I think the 712A is a great drive and can’t wait for some 16X media to try it out. All of my 16X cd’s burn at 48X. The ripping speed it top notch the best I have ever seen. All of my 4X DVD’s burn at 8X with very very low PI\PO errors. :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

For those who asked, here are the details: From DELL SMALL BUSINESS:

Plextor PX-712A/SW 12x DVD Writer Black or Beige Bezel $90.38 - $50 rebate (Exp 9/29) = $40.38, $7 shipping. Search for PX-712A/SW

I did order one (thanks for all who replied to this thread), it will be $54 (not $40) after rebate because I paid $7 shipping and $7 tax. I intend to use this to burn DVD upto about 8X (better than my A05 which is 4X), rip DVD (replace my DVD-ROM), burn CD-R (replace my CD-RW), and use plextools for quality checks.

Again, thanks for the replies!

yeah i put that up about the 712 for only 40.38. today the 29 is the last day u can do it so hurry up and buy it if u want it. to get the rebate ur receipt has to be marked between the 23rd & 29th at the latest so depending on where u r u may still have a few hours to order it. make sure u call the order in to get free shipping. hope u get it in, in time.

It doesn’t show the link to the rebate anymore. Yesterday I still saw it. Anybody save or know the rebate link? Here’s the link but no rebate.


Are there ANY exciting firmware mods for this drive? Bitsetting? -R media speedup (4x to 8x)? :confused:

The PX-712A supports bitsetting already, without any firmware tweaks. BUT, for now, you can only use this feature with the latest Nero Burning ROM software. Hopefully Plextor will add a BitSetting option in the new PlexTools version but we’ll have to wait and see if this happens. Other firmware tweaks are not available. You can only get a region free firmware hack for the Plextor DVD recorders as far as I know.

I can barley wait for insaneoctane to get his 712A burner, I have a feeling he is going to get one that has better burns then me…

@ insaneoctane

when you get it let us know, and we will all be happy to give advice on using Plextools and seeing your results