Does it matter which HD I download software to?

My computer came with one hard drive. I added a second drive because the primary is nearly full.

My operating system (Windows XP Hom Edition) and and everything else is on the original (primary) “C” drive.

Today I downloaded an updated driver for my graphics card. Instead of downloading it to my C drive, I “saved” it to my large slave (jumper is set to CS per WD) drive.

I have not attempted to install this updated driver yet because I started thinking maybe I should have downloaded it to my primary C drive. I began to wonder if the driver will install properly from drive F, or if the hardware (graphics card) will operate properly if the updated driver is installed this way.

Does it really matter which hard drive “updates” or other "software"are downloaded to before they’re installed?

I don’t understand the relationship between two different hard drives, the hardware (in this case the graphics card), and the software (updated driver in this case). Could someone explain how the software gets installed in the hardware? Or does it really get installed on the hardware? As you can see, I’m a novice and need your help to learn this process.

When I install the updated driver, will the install work just good as if it had been downloaded to the C drive?

Your guidance would be greatly appreciated.

No as long as it is installed to the correct folder, and it should find that automatically.

JayC30, thansks for the quick response.

How would I go about locating the “correct folder”…if I wanted to give it a try?

It should automatically find the folder that the drivers are installed in when updating. If not they will be in the programmes folder, depending on brand of graphics card will give the name of the folder. For example nVidia.

when you saved the driver to your new drive it just stores it there, but when you run the driver it will install where ever it needs to be, ie: C:\WINDOWS…

on my extra drive i just use it for storage, not running any programs from it, i’ll leave the C drive for that

I must appologise if I wasn’t clear enough, it is a failing sometimes of those of us who can to forget to be clearer in our replies, and I hold my hands up I am sometimes guilty of this. As bj said where ever you store the download exe to is immeterial, I have 4 hdds in use and store different things on different drives.

Until you actually double click it to start the install process they don’t do anything. When you do you will go through the install process and offered the options, and as bj has said it will be installed where it needs to be, as part of the process is to look for previous driver versions.

I do understand now guys and thanks for the discussion. I’m learning as I go and you guys continue to educate me. Thanks