Does it last as long "Pressed" vs DVD Ink

I think I read that a “pressed” DVD can last up to a 100 yrs of playing but what about blank media with that has been Authored with a DVD movie how long does that last. Is it about as long

That’s a tough question, and the usual answer is: it depends. :bigsmile:

In theory, writable media won’t last as long as pressed media. But there are expections from poorly manufactured pressed media…

Now about writable media, there are may variables, and no definitive answer, as the actual lifespan will depend on the blank itself (inherent “climatic” stability), the burning quality, the way you store it, handle it…

There are media that can degrade rapidly and get unreadable in a couple of years despite being burned pretty well (the most “notorious” being Ritek G05), other media that seems to hold up very well with time even when burned with questionable results (many B-grade CMC MAG E01 fall into this category), and many other cases.

All I can tell is that from my own stability survey with my own discs, the best discs look like they could last at least 20-25 years and even more than that. These include the “favorite” blanks in my sig, but also these older models: Ricoh-branded RICOHJPNR01, TDK-branded MBIPG101 R04, TDK-branded TTG02, TDK-branded TDKG00002, RITEK M02…

Discs that I don’t trust for long term because I notice significant degradation with them, include: TDK-branded TDK003, Ricoh-branded MBIPG101 R04, RITEK G04, RITEK G05, GSC002, and some isolated cases of Verbatim-branded TYG02.

Now I also discovered that some burning methods can shorten the lifespan of a burned disc, as ALL of my @1X burns in a JVC-DRM10 standalone recorder have been degrading like hell, and most of the discs it burned got unreadable in 18 to 26 months, with the exception of a couple of Verbatim-branded MCC02RG20 and TDK-branded TTG02.

As you can see, it’s complicated… good rule of thumb is, buy good quality discs (I recommend Verbatim 16X +R MCC004 or Plextor, Panasonic 16X -R TYG03), burn them in a good recent burner at a reasonable speed (8X or 12X, not more), avoid @1X standalone recorders (or burn to DVD-RW, then transfer to PC, then burn to DVDR), store the discs vertically, in decent cases (not paper sleeves…), away from heat, light and high humidity, handle them with care, and the discs should last for at least 20 years.

Really important stuff? :slight_smile: As accidents always happen, I burn anything really important twice, and keep one of the copies safe for possible future need… :wink:

Just to add: the “100 years” claims (for pressed or writable DVD) are just this, claims. Marketing bullshit.
Pressed DVDs have been around for about only 10 years, and some in my collection have already been developing reading issues… :a

So actually [B]no one really knows[/B]. :rolleyes:

I do not trust pressed discs anymore. I’ve had my share of them degrade, and from different manufacturers. I’m currently trying to back up all of my originals, which will take some time, but I’ve lost trust in pressed media.

The only burnt media I’ve had, which degraded was Ritek G05, and everyones Ritek G05 died all around the world. Yet I’ve seen a number of pressed discs with bad bonding problems, and a number which have gotten loads of errors in only a couple of years. I’ve also heard from other people about their originals degrading. Yet you only really hear about crappy media degrading, like Ritek or TDK (TDK is not good anymore) which is isolated to those manufacturers, not all. Whereas a number of pressed discs, regardless of manufacturer happen to die.

I use TY and Verbatium TY for Movie backup and Ver. for data backup

Yep, cd pirate is right. Pressed dvd’s are nothing special, i’ve had several degrade as well. I have only had one type of disc degrade, those were 4x Imation DVD+RW’s…i didn’t burn them myself, i was given some burnt movies on them by a friend like 3 years ago.

I only use Verbatim’s and TY’s for backups myself, i have burnt over 160 since i have been using them and haven’t had one problem with them…and i use a CD wallet too which can be harsh on discs. Although, one thing i can recommend also is if you have some backups that are 5+ years old, burn another copy of it just to be safe if it’s something important. 30 cents on another disc, is alot better than lost data.

I’m just waiting to see but the way TY and Verbs are, mine might last longer than me :bigsmile:

Yes, you are damn right!
Something I’ve noticed recently:
here, and especially here.
(Of cource Princo is not a good example maybe, but the tendency is clearly visible…)
As you can see, the initial scan’s first 6x zone is just fine, but the jump to 8x had given a jump in errors and jitter (though not so awful as it could).
But in 3 days of sunlight stress the disc’s 6x zone has degraded much worse than the 8x one!

Another interesting moment:
I (and not only) often experience a jump in PIEs near 0.5 GB when writing discs (usually MCC 004 or YUDEN000 T03) at 16x with my Pio 111. Some discs are a bit problematic, but some others are not.
And here we can see that the initial scan of that TYG03 disc doesn’t show the jumps in PIEs and jitter, but after some sunlight influence the jumps somehow develop :eek:.

Also I was really surprized when I got a rapidly degrading Verbatim MCC 03RG20 (by CMC Magnetics) from my friend. I turned out to had been burnt on some chinese standalone.

So maybe the (RiTEK & Co :bigsmile: ) degradation problem is a more and a really complicated thing, and just maybe that’s not only the manufacturer (RiTEK & Co :bigsmile: ) is faulty, and there is something TOTALLY wrong with the (RITEKG04/G05) implemented strategies in the burners :bigsmile: :confused:


That is a very interesting theory :slight_smile: , that is something which puzzles me about the Ritek media with widely reported degradation issues. [I]If[/I] the media has [I]that[/I] high a probability of degrading, why does Ritek manage to keep selling such large quantities of it? Afterall, there are examples of very stable Princo media on this forum too.