Does InCD has problems with XP Service Pack 2?! What do you use then instead?!


Checked the website of Nero and it seems Nero 6 works fine now with Service Pack 2, however does InCD still have problems with SP2. The website mentions it over here:

If so, what do you use then for packet writing or which alternative method do you use cause maybe SP2 affects all packet writing programs or not?!..

By the way, if you create a multisession disc with Nero, is that also packet writing and willl this give problems with SP2 or not?

Anybody could please explain all this a bit cause it’s all confusing to me. Thanks!

InCD seems to be one of those pieces of software that works fine for some and poorly for others. I’ve had no problems with InCD and SP2.

Why are you so afraid of SP2? It’s been out for a year. Most third party software problems were cleared up shortly after its release.