Does heavily pirated music translates into increased sales?

I just posted the article Does heavily pirated music translates into increased sales ?.

Kyle SGMS used our newssubmit to tell us about Eminem’s new CD. We have reported several times about this CD, because it was surrounded with security measures to protect it from being on the file…

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Word, i said that in one of my post before, not to mention that the Spiderman movie sold the most and was heavly pirated.

Look, that’s like saying playing stuff on the radio dints sales - it obviously doesn’t. And I don’t accept the arguments which state that a radio recording is imperfect - most places get perfect radio reception, and rarely will the DJ speak over the recording anyway. Any drop in sales is due to a drop in the quality of music.

I don’t know…maybe the RAII sholdn’t kill this golden goose…:smiley:

I bought this cd and there is no protection on it.