Does GSA-H10A supprot booktyping?

I want to change the booktype of my DVD+R DL disc to a dvd rom…first i need to know whether this model supprots it. If it doesnt will the Benq 1655DW support it? And icant find any sites that specifically say what burner supports booktyping etc…

Bad news… :confused: Which model works? ANd also supports lightscribe?

All current LG writers support booktyping for DVD+R and DVD+R DL discs. If you look at the image you posted, you’ll notice the error message states that “This program addresses ONLY units of RICOH design”. LG writers are not designed by Ricoh so it is no wonder the software cannot set the booktyping on the drive! It doesn’t mean the drive cannot do booktyping. The usual burning software can set the booktype with out problems.

Btw, Ricoh stopped making drives a long time ago so that software has got to be really old and outdated.

Also, the H10A does not support lightscribe. If you want a lightscribe enabled LG model, you are looking for either the GSA-H10L (yup, I know it’s not available in Australia) or the GSA-H20L.

Yes, the BenQ DW-1655 supports booktyping. Virtually all the major drive brands support booktyping for DVD+R and DVD+R DL media. Some support booktyping for DVD+RW media as well. The only brands currently stubborn enough to not support booktyping for at least DVD+R and DVD+R DL discs are NEC and Pioneer : their drives support booktyping for DVD+R DL media only. You have to use hacked firmware to turn on DVD+R booktyping for those.

Hey thanks for the reply.

iam currently undergo the steps in your FAQ

13.Does region free firmware exist for my LG DVD writer?

14.Does anti-riplock firmware exist for my LG writer?

once i’ve complete these which software should i use? CLone DVD2 onyl specify dvd+R DL but not as a booktype…when i ahve done q’s 13 and 14 this means that i can put any dvd protected cd and burn it as if they are not protected?

I’m not familiar with Clone DVD2, so I cannot help you with that.

You’re confusing copy protection with region protection. Commercial DVDs typically have region protection in addition to other copy protection measures. The forum rules prohibit discussions on how to copy commercial DVDs in general, so the discussion on how to copy those DVDs has to end here.

As for Q14, have you actually flashed your drive with a newer version of firmware before? If you have, the steps are essentially that you use MCSE to patch the firmware then flash the drive with the modified firmware. What you did looks correct but the firmware update program screen looks different from what I get. I don’t have a H10A, but I have earlier models of LG writers and the screen I get when I run the firmware update programs for my writers looks different from yours. Did you download JL04 from LG’s service websites?