Does GSA-4167B cache audio data?

Does the GSA-4167B cache data during digital audio extraction?
(Those of you familiar with Exact Audio Copy will probably know what I mean. Drives that don’t read from the cache during DAE can rip much faster (in EAC secure mode))

There is one user report on that says this is a non-caching drive, but just a single report doesn’t instill much confidence…

Anyone who has this drive and knows, please reply. The more replies the better.

Thank you!

Rather than take a straw poll, why not have a look at the review for it :

If you scroll down to around the middle of the page, you’ll see a few screen captures from EAC where it shows :

  • that the 4167B indeed does not cache audio data
  • the 4167B ripping in secure mode on EAC at 26.8X

I have to admit that I missed that part of the review. Thank you for pointing it out!

Let me change the nature of my question then. Has anyone here ever found an instance where EAC’s drive features autodetection was wrong? I’ve heard that it isn’t 100% reliable. Has anyone here manually tested this drives C2 and/or caching behavior?