Does GSA-4120B (A102) support 90'/800MB CD-R?

I was wondering if this multi format (dvd/cd) recorder supports this kind of discs (90’/800MB), due to I have serveral… ahem, movies I’d like to copy on them, instead of spplitin’ or recoding them (this is a pain in the ass).

That’s all, see ya !

I use eProformance 90min disks all the time with no problem.

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ok, thanks. I had one of the first 90’ cd-r and my recorder thought it was a 80’ one. I’ll have to buy one newest :slight_smile:

If you use Nero, you have to tell it to use 90 minutes. The drive does not autdetect the CD size. You may have to use the ‘overburn’ feature.

For DivX files with over 700MB file size each, I use 40GB 2.5-inch HDD. Which can also play DivX and MP3 without PC or DVD player. :slight_smile:

I thought it was solved, anyway, thanx kenshin but I rather need a cd-r because the movie itself it’s a kvcd (780MB) and I wouldn’t want to recode it again.
About those hdd with divx support. I’ve begun to see them here (Spain), but they’re a little too expensive. I think a lap-top is a better idea (bigger screen, hdd, tv-output, support to all audio-video codecs (xvid, vcd, dvd, ogg, ac3…))

I’ll buy some cd-r 90’ as soon as possible :stuck_out_tongue:

In South Korea, there are very many companies now selling DivX-ready players. Even SKC Media whose main product has always been tape, CD, DVD, etc. now sells PMP (Personal Multimedia Player) because PMP is more “in” and more profitable than anything else. I paid less than US$200 for my DivX player. It has a Seagate 40GB 2.5-inch HDD. Some PMP has small-size LCD display as well. One PMP has 7-inch screen (maybe it was 6-inch.) Portable computers are far more expensive and usually not as easy to maintain and use than PMP’s. Things like Tv-Out and digital audio outputs are also common in them. Some are even HD-ready (though not to a full degree like dedicated HDTV TV/tunerrecorder yet.) :slight_smile:

I used to prefer 90-min and 99-min CD-R’s than to anything else, but it was years ago and I no more have any such CD-R’s to my knowledge. There still may be a few disks at my home.

That’s the difference between living in a tecnologically built and oriented to country than in a third world country one, with the most expensive internet conections at horrible download rates (standard here is adsl -> 512/128 -> 45€ -> $52 ? )
I’d like to live there in South Korea or in Japan