Does generic create 5.1 ac3 sound?

just a quick one, when converting to generic can someone confirm that if the source soundtrack selected is ac3 5.1 with avi.xvid.audiocopy profile selected then the resultant rip/avi file is also ac3 5.1 sound as many programs seem to default to mp3 sound to save on file size but as there doesnt seem to be any options for converting the audio track I need to confirm that my resulting avi files are going to retain the original 5.1 soundtrack and not converting them to lower quality standard surround. If I right click the avi file and look at properties it doesnt give any details about the audio, if there is a utility to confirm the audio track type of an avi file that would be helpful to know about.

Thanks in advance

Try GSpot. :wink:

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Hi willydoit,

if you choose profile with “audiocopy”, the audio data will be copied directly, so 5.1 sound is still 5.1 sound.

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Thanks both for your help. situation sorted.

Thanks again :clap: