Does firmware 1.06 burn to Verbatim DVD okay?

Silly me. There I was burning some Verbatim DVD-Rs on firmware 1.05 (Plextor 716A) thinking, “Cool. Latest firmware. This should go fine.”

Nope. Two coasters in a row. So I figure… hmmm… this didn’t happen with 1.04, I think I’ll check Plextor’s website – and sure enough there’s 1.06 saying they fixed some bugs introduced in 1.05.

So the big question is do those “bugs” include fixing Verbatim DVD-R media problems? Otherwise I’m sticking with 1.04. Too many coasters already.


Verbatim is usually good quality media which should work fine with the Plextor. I don’t know why a firmware upgrade made your drive made coasters but all I can suggest is to try it. Without you telling us the exact media code of your media (check with DVD Identifier) we can’t help you further. Welcome to the forum and good luck :slight_smile:

Have only ever used verdatim on mime with firmware 1.05 and 1.06 and everything ok…

Used Verbatim MC003 “Made in Taiwan” at 8x without problems with firmware 1.06 .


all ok. And the lower speed you burn them , the better the results

No problem. The only strange thing is that MC003 8X are recognised as 12X by PoweRec. I prefer to reduce speed, like lafa_156, for better results (but at 12X burns are still good.)

Like others said, verbatim is one of the most consistent media around.

hmmm, I doubt this statement. Have you tried 2.4x or 4x? I don’t think it’s better than 8x or 12x.

Did you buy these MCC003 at MediaParkt in Germany ?

I saw at MediaMarkt spindles of 25 DVD+R “Made in India” (Reorder 43481)
Do you avoid these Verbatim DVD’s “Made in India” ?

My 25 spindle is from “Marktkauf”


Zu deutsch: Meine 25’er Spindel habe ich aus dem örtlichen Marktkauf. Für 15,99 EUR

On my drive, slower burns give better TA test results (excellent, excellent, excellent). Theoretically, discs with better TA should be more readable, but jitter is definitely reduced.

On CDs, though, my drive is defective and cannot burn above 32X.

Mildly off-topic, but if Plexys are like other burners I’ve used, there may be a sweet-spot for burn speeds.

The biggest example was my old LiteOn 52327S - At 52x it gave not-very-good burns. I tried 4x - It was absolutely dire…

Trying a random selection of increasing speeds, I found 40x gave the best quality burn, for that drive, even for Audio CDs and Video CDs!
Sadly, I’m too cheap to try such experiments with DVDs, but I’ve noticed the same thing with CDRs on my pre-RMA’s 716A, although you have to kill PowerRec to really notice - It does a darn good job of sensing errors and altering the speed to suit.

That said, I suspect they never thought that INCREASING speed could give better burns, which may be why some people are getting really crap burns with PowerRec on, but better burns with it off, on some media…