Does File type matter in copying DVDS

I have NERO 7, and just successfully burnt a DVD for the first time. The file type was and image file and it played fine. Every other time, quite a few, was a failure. The other times I burnt the files as Video_ts files. Does this have anything to do with it? I bought the good media, Verbatim, and, today, bought a new DVD Writer. This first success I’d like to contribute to the writer, but I’m just curious if its the file type. Also, will DVD labels hurt the qua;lity of play with DVDs?THanks

If you burned the image file simply as data, then that would be the reason why it didn’t work. You have to use Recorder > Burn Image to burn images correctly with Nero. You can also use a program like ImgBurn to burn your images (as you’ve already been told in your other thread).

Labels have been known to not only adversely affect media quality, but also throw off the balance of the disc if applied incorrectly. It would be best to use printable discs (along with a printer that can print directly onto discs) or use a pen/marker.

I’m using just printable labels that stick to the tops, not Lightscribe.

is that bad?

This is an old thread, but have a read through.

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Dang, well, I wanted to make my DVDs look authentic…damn. I liked making the labels in photoshop, it gave me a chance to work on my photo editiing. O well. How do I remove them safley?

It would probably be pretty hard to completely remove the labels from any discs that you’ve already applied them to. You should just burn new discs without labels.

Rather than printing paper labels, you’d be far better off getting one of those printers that can print directly on to printable discs.