Does Feurio! verify the burnt CD?



I’ve burnt a few CDs that had skipping noises and looping tracks using Feurio! What I want to know is whether Feurio! does any sort of verification process, so I can try to narrow down the problem from a bad image, bad media, bad burnt image or CD player.


Unfortunately it’s not possible to automatically verify a CD-DA.
Due to audio CD nature, wrong data can be read without warning. Data discs have an extra correction layer to detect read errors (incorrect data cannot be accepted, incorrect audio is “acceptable”).

There are a lot of old CD-ROMs that can’t read audio correctly, so how could a program automatically verify with one of these drives?

The problem you have is a playback issue.
The data on your disc is right, but your player isn’t able to read it correctly.

To prove this, try to rip the disc with your writer. You’ll see that you can hear those WAVs nicely.
You can go further and verify completely that the disc is a perfect copy. Rip the tracks from the original and the copy and compare them with EAC -> Tool -> Compare WAVs. The only difference will be offsets.

You can also try a “surface” test. This doesn’t test the integrity of data, but the readability of the disc and the reading characteristics of the drive (it depends on drive).
If your drive reports C2 errors (what’s your drive?), you can even use Feurio to test it (just rip a disc and see if there are C2 errors). CDSpeed offers a nice graph with yellow blocks for C2 errors and red blocks for unreadable sectors.

The solution to your problem is improve the writing quality and/or reading quality.

Try with other media.
Try other burning speeds (16x is fast and CLV mode)
Try another burner.

Try another player. (Your CD-ROM or CD-RW will probably play it right)

Burned CDRs should be read without C2 errors even at maximum speed if your drive is in good shape.

All writers and all programs will burn audio correctly. They copy the same data there is in the WAV file and the writer won’t do it wrong.