Does fake TYG02 -r really matter?

I just accidently bought fake :frowning: (i guess…) TYG02 DVD-R 8x lablling Laser, made in Kong Kong…

I’m considering returning this crap and getting refund, but dunno that would work? i haven’t burnt one…i’m afraid that the shop wouldn’t allow me to get refund :confused:

I’ll try to get refund, but if this wouldn’t work and this fake TYG02 still doing a job, then i might just keep it…But just curious that whether this fake TYG02 dvd-r really causes any problems such as damaging my dvd burner? :bow:

i’m using nec 3520A, this fake TYG02 cannot be fully identified…

I bought this crap in Sydney, did anyone have the same problem with mine?

thx :wink:

Return or trash them.

In my experience with fake MID codes, they may burn acceptably at first, but as little as <1month down the track they will have crc errors or for the least, extremely poor transfer rates.

There is no point in using that crap :frowning:

LASER is nasty stuff.

Try and get your money back first.

Its a crime that the big name stores sell this stuff at the price that they do…

thx…i’ll just return it anyway…

one of the problem is that I don’t think the fake “LASER” TYG02 spindle i boguht is genuinely from LASER…in fact by first glance, the packaging and lables are quite identical to genuine LASER (i checked with LASER website and some other shops), but i didn’t take much care of this fake one cuz i was in hurry…it was cheap and labelling “LASER” , when i got home and opened it, i found out there was something weird…the printing quality on packaging and labels is crap…

another problem is…does GENUINE “LASER” in Australia really sell “GENUINE” TYG02 dvd-r or something like that?

should i email to LASER asking them to verify the spindle i bought ? …i know i know…it sounds stupid if genuine LASER really sells FAKE stuff…then…busted!

***** If anyone lives in Sydney and want to buy blank dvds from shopsin that computer city (or capitol sqaure) near chinatown, plz plz plz be cautious about the blank dvds u r buying. Be careful with cheap deals cuz they might be fake…the fake TYG02 8x 50 pcs spindle i bought was only AUD$22…

thx a lot from pervious opinions :smiley: :bow:

No it’s fake. :frowning:

Btw, the basic rule that you should always follow is that if a manufacturer thinks so little of its product that it uses a fake media code rather than its own distinctive media code you should avoid it like the plague.

Remember that even low grade media manufacturers such as Princo and Gigastorage (that are pretty hard to recommend) aren’t so ashamed of their product that they don’t use their own distinctive media codes.

Princo and Gigastorage are well-respected manufacturers compared to those Chinese/Hong Kong manufacturers. :iagree:

ONe comment on the subject.
Most manufacturers don’t want to use the fake codes themselves however they have not much choice if there small. Small manufacturers codes seem to be very poor supported thanks to the fact that most drives decide on MID alone what write speeds are available.
Infact most manufacturers prefer to use there own codes that is if they were supported good ! (See Optodisc when Optodisc got good support from (LG,Pioneer and a few) they stopped production of the media with TYG02 code. Also Optodisc has tried to avoid the problem for there 16x media and it seems with succes !. )

Now the manufacturer has 4 choices.
1 Fake a code that has superior support.
2 Try to get a licens of big named code.(MAM-A -> TDK)
3 Just go on with crap support.
4 Fund firmware hacking which allows better support (3A media)

3 Is not a real option. Because it will mean sooner or later that the companny won’t survive.
2 Is also not that easy because you have to find a party which does want to licens under the right terms.
4 This is a nice option however in the long run I have doubts. Still while 3A support might suck they have proven that there media is actually of quite good quality and for this reason and there lobying they are slowly getting better support.
1 Now this one is the most questionable but it’s the most easy/cheap option for a companny to do.

Now is this questionable if you fake the code. Yes however what’s also questionable is the fact that most drives(BENQ and Philips are positive exceptions they do support it correct !) do not support media according to the standards. Originally it should read a lot more data as just the mid code when it comes to deciding the strategy however most of todays drives use only MID (+ revision) and for that reason are actually not working according to the standards.

So because most compannies broke the rules earlier now the smaller manufacturers again need to break rules because it’s the easiest option.
So think about it is who should we blame. The guys who faked the codes or the compannies who gave them allmost no other options because they screwed up things much earlier. Really respect to the smaller manufacturers like 3A who said we will keep usseing our own codes and will try to solve the problems a differnt way.

Also keep the followeing in mind most manufacturers of faked code media like to make clear that it’s there media not TY however most Distributer/Retailers think a little different about that. Hmm why not use the fancy code. It’s these folks which are the real pain in the asses.

What do you guys think about this one:

regards, Stephen

Dakhaas after reading your post I felt sorry for the “Little Guy” who has to fake the media code to get their product sold. I can see the point to your argument.

Then only thing is, that most burners have a list of several hundred media codes that they support. It seems a coincidence that one of the best brands (the TY codes) are the ones most used by these small manufacturers when there is a whole list to choose from.
A scan of one of these discs after a burn will often show that the disc may not be well suited to the burn strategy assigned to that code.
If they really wanted to get their media supported, or able to be used well- they may have been better off using a different code from a different manufacturer.
These companies are riding the TY name for their own benefit.

Another point to consider is that some of the brands in question have, at least in the past, sold media with genuine codes.

By way of example, Laser, the brand queried above, sells genuine Princo media as its 4x -R. It performs much as one would expect for Princo, which is to say barely adequately but not entirely hopelessly. On the other hand, its 8x -R media is made by some unknown manufacturer using a fake TYG02 media code. Plainly though, it’s cheaper for Laser to use the unknown manufacturer with the fake code than to use Princo to make their 8x discs. Again, they perform as one would expect for media of lower price and quality than that made by Princo, that is to say abysmally.

Another example downunder is Maxdata which sells Gigastorage media as its 8x -R. It performs adequately but isn’t really a bargain because you’re basically getting what you pay for, cheap but adequate media at a low price. On the other hand, for a while Maxdata 8x +R was a real bargain as it was genuine MCC003 and it burned superbly in most drives. However, a few months back that all changed. The media code for Maxdata 8x -R is still MCC003 but its now fake (i.e. not made by or under licence from Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation) and you’d need a near miracle to burn a disc that will play on a stand-alone player with the stuff. Again, presumably the sole reason for the change is that the unknown manufacturer supplies its rubbish with the fake code for considerably less than what MCC or its licensees would charge for genuine MCC media.

yeah, sometimes it’s really hard to tell the quality of the media by merely looking at the brand name on the label…LASER used to be a good one back to CD-R “era”…i bought a LASER cd-r spindle which was OEMed by Ritek, the media code was genuine and the quality was superb…but now…

but about the fake coding thing, isn’t that illegal? cuz these “little guys” are not authorized by those “BIG” guys to use their media code?

from previous experiences, most of the people have encountered lots of crap problems with fake TYG02…i’ll try one today and see how it goes

2 things here. First other codes are faked as well. (In the past TDK , MAXELL)
for the moment we also have fake MCC (packaged in the moviestyle disc’s sold in Europe and MAXDATA australia. ) and we also seem to have FAKE RITEKS (Gigatain. B-grade 150 pcs spindle europe !) and infact we might have more fake media so it’s not only TY.

However about TY being used most.
1 Tell me what is the code that is best supported by most drives when it comes to speed. Yep it are the taiyo yuden codes.
2 TY might be licensing codes. I have gotten some signals of this and are still investigating these but it’s time consumeing.

Well obviously I am biased but I think as long as no attempt is made to pass them off as genuine Taiyo Yuden disks then I don’t see the problem.

I think it is harder to do this in retail as no one reveals where their disks are made so relying on the MID is the only way to see where they are manufactured and the sales guy hasn’t got a clue!

I on the other hand sell to small duplicators who know exactly where the disks are made and who makes them. They even test the disks first before buying them so if they really were crap then they wouldn’t buy and nobodies reputation apart from mine is tarnished.

I still think that there should be an ‘open source’ MID for the smaller guys to use that mimick a good well supported strategy if only so people can tell they are not Ritek, MCC or Taiyo Yudens.

Or perhaps make a rule that says the manufacturer has to be stated on any packaging?