Does "eject" stop the burn?

I was using Nero 8, trying to copy a DVD and it went very slow; I interrupted the burn by ejected the destination disk. If I put another dvd in the destination drive, would nero continue to burn to it, thereby, damaging it? Can I even damage a DVD ROM like that?

There are a few different applications in Nero that you can use to backup a DVD, what application are you using, ( Recode, etc)? The answer is no to all of them, It will start all over if you were copying " On the Fly " or it will just keep encoding if you are using Recode if you have not got to the burning process yet.

I was actually using startsmart. you said that it may start over; but does it do that itself or does it ask me first? Because if it does it itself, it may wreck the next DVD I put in the drive. thnx for reply