Does DWG-120AB2 Have removable bezel?



I’m looking for a replacement for my DVD RW Drive.
It’s to go in my Elonex Artisan, which has one of the hinged flaps on the front to hide the DVD drive.
So the replacement needs to have a removable from bezel to fit through the case hole.
Does anyone know if the bezel can come off any of these drives:
Sony DWG-120AB2 or
Pioneer DVR-111DBK

My overall requirement is that the drive is
[1] Quiet (it’s to go in my Home Theatre PC that lives in my living room)
[2] Black

Many thanks.

  • Do all of the above drives provide firmware updates?



I think the black Pio 111 should fit your needs. But it needs to run in UDMA4 mode, by using an 80 wire cable.

The sony is probably just another Liteon OEM.