Does DVR-109 support PIE/PIF scanning?



According to this post by COdeking, Pioneer drives in general should support PIE/PIF scanning. Is this true for the DVR-109 as well? AFAIK Pioneer drives do not support quality scanning, at least not in combination with Nero CD/DVD Speed.

Could somebody please clarify?


they will report PI/PIF errors with CDSpeed with a registry hack (which i dont know) however as ive said before the pioneer although able to scan is very poor at scanning and should not really be trusted.


Thanks. It’s a crazy world isn’t it? Pioneer produce good writers but lame readers while LiteOn produce lame writers but good readers. I hate the idea of getting another Litey burner just for scanning:Z

Regarding the registry hack maybe this could be it

[b]Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Ahead\Nero Toolkit\CD Speed\CD Quality]

Seems like the manufacturers mentioned are all blocked! I wonder why? Since you have a Pioneer burner maybe you could check this out. Might be of interest to other forum members??



I have a08 fw 1.20 and if you erase the PIONEER, from blocked list it will scan using cd speed 3.80 , but how correct the scan is I dont know I will do two scans when I have time one with liteon 1653 and one with Pioneer on same disk and we can see, remember scans on two drive cant really be compared but it will give use ball-park idea I hope.


Looking forward to the scans. Could you please pay attention as to whether the Pioneer scans at 1ECC, 8ECC or 32ECC? CD/DVD-Speed will show this in the dialog that pops up at the end of the scan. LiteOn uses 1ECC btw, BenQ 8ECC while NEC 3520 can be configured to use either.



Looks like speed3 has pie/pif set to 8/8ecc it sure is not 1ecc on pif

here is the pioneer scan and i will post litoen scan soon.


Ok here is liteon 1653 scan of media from above , as you see liteon scan is not only lower in pie/pif count but also the shape is way different. Im going to scan this with my benQ 1620 also just so we can have another drive scan to compare.


This is very interesting. Thanks :bow:


Now lets look at the benQ scan it like pio scan is 8/8ecc, but un-like the pio scan it has flat pie graph just like liteon scan, also the level of graph is close to liteon pie level.

Just so no one is left out I will also scan this media with my plextor 716a


Looks like the PIE scan of the Pioneer is useless while the PIF scan might be usefull after all. The quality score is 98 on the Pioneer while being 95 on the two other drive. Since the quality score is based solely on the max PIF value it’s not 100% comparable between drives but it’s better than nothing.

Thanks for taking your time to do the scans. Highly appreciated :slight_smile:




As you well know speed3 and dvdinfo pro seem to go head to head on scanning, dvdinfo pro also will scan using pioneer , but un-like speed3 it scans pie/poe I’m not sure why one is pif and other poe but they both scan 8/8ecc


Here is plextor 716 scan it is a 8/1ecc scan but not using speed3 as speed3 cant scan using a plextor, but as you see even with plextor scanning app the levels and shape match the liteon and BenQ scan but not Pioneer.


Boy your right, the Pioneer shows MUCH higher error readings than any other drive. I did scans on my own 109 a few months ago with good verbatim/TY media and got high scores as well. I couldn’t figure it out as the media was to be good quality yet they appeared to be crap. I suppose it is just to be taken with a grain of salt if at all.


Excellent coverage of the issue KenW. Thanks again.


Ok last scan, the same media as all my scans but this time its done on pioneer again, but using dvdinfo pro 3.56

please notice it has the same shape as speed3 scan using pioneer but this time we scan pie/poe at 8/8ecc

I would say we really should not scan with pioneer. No matter what scanning software its results are way off the mark.


try dvdinfopro. i believe the PI and PO AVG scores will be what you will be looking at after scan completes



I’m not sure but didnt you look at my last scan its dvdinfo pro not only that but its showing the same graph shape as speed3 for pioneer scan.


To compare with my 108

Datawrite @ 12x with Dvdinfo

The same DVD with CD Speed


yeah, cool, just saw it. dvdinfopro = pretty shitty for scanning i think anyways.


Excuse me for a minute, if I may…

Do you understand how scanning algorithms are constucted, let alone how commands are sent/rec. from a drive/to a drive? I don’t think you do, given this comment. The commands used to report the information you see on screen using DVDInfoPro and CDSpeed are identical, ergo - they will parse and display the same information. Please, read and research before making such statements in future. :cop:

If you would like to learn more about this kind of thing, I am more than happy to help you understand. :slight_smile: