Does DVDShrink recognize if orginal is scratched?

Sometimes when I rent or borrow movies, at some point the dvd will stall/stutter, etc b/c it is scratched or damaged. I was wondering if DVDShrink will recognize when a dvd is damaged or scratched when it is analyzing or encoding. Or is there a some program out there that will find scratches before you write a disk?

Sometimes, Ive got over this problem the old fashoned way!–Untill recently my set up was an old DVD player, and a Lite-On 5004 recorder–The old machine a Cyberhome AD-L512 had the facility for Macro Off, and I can record-(copy ) the disc while I watched it–As the Cyberhome had a dodgy DVD Loader, very often the only way to get a freeze free run was to take Brasso to the rented disc, and literally polish out the scratches–It doesnt take long, and as long as you polish from the centre of the disc to the outside–ie not round and round, the minute scratches left by polishing have no effect on the quality of reproduction but the removal of the larger scratches stops the freezing and pixillation effects a treat, even if your player has a nackered loader like mine did!

Ive since replaced the DVD Loader in the Cyberhome with an Hitachi GD2500 DVD ROM Ex PC, Now I recon it would play a disc gone over with sand-paper!