Does DVDFab burn DVD+R DL too?

Does DVDFab Platinum burn also DVD+R DL, or only DVD-R DL?

The ability to burn +R DLs, is really a function of your burner and its respective firmware support. So the answer to your question is yes, fab will burn to a +R DL no problem, as long your burner can handle this media.

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there have been some issues with these burns with Fab(any DL I believe)- problems when playing back. I believe Fengtao has said resolved with, but I’m still gunshy-know I have to test. However backed up Doom last night with the anydvd/dvddecrypter/imgburn last night…perfect. Tom, one more time, when does one have to get into that vobblanker overlay, or do you with this solution? Thanks, Larry

Hey larry, at work right now so just a quick note. Waiting to hear from Ken (portmac); he said it shouldn’t be too long. You may want to take another look at the thread Express DL burns…not sure when you looked last. The LB, seemingly, is totally burn dependent and perhaps burner dependent. Interestingly, I got a DL bkup - ripped with express and burned with nero recode2…it was flawless…just like the dvdd and AnyDVD combo.

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Okay, thanks Tom!