Does dvd Shrink always shrink even when it doesnt need to?

I noticed something I hope someone can shed some light on (no pun intended)
a DVD I am trying to back up is 4.06GB according to properties in “my computer”. after DVD shrink does the “open disc” function, its says 4.162MB above the green line and 4,018 MB on the compression settings side next to the window where it says 100.0% why isnt all the same number? the disc is encrypted, so I am using shrink in order to make the backup, not because it needs to be shrunk to fit, why the discrepency?

Maybe some trailers removed or somethink like that explain the byte loss.

You should find that the figures on the DVD Structure side add up to the figure above the green “available capacity” bar. If the DVD can be copied without video-compression, then DVD Shrink will automatically not shrink anything.



If no compression is needed. Use DVD Decrypter and do a ISO read and write.

I don’t have the answer to your questions but just to ensure, you can manually select the No Compression option from the drop-down.

If I recall, the number next to the green line is the total, but next to the titles is just video but not the audio, as compression is not for audio,
Also, check the size in bytes or sectors, as some programs report differently the values of GB, MB, etc

thanks for the help. by the way my old maxtor 60gbHD crashed lost all my progs, and DVDshrink is no longer downloadable from the site. I got a version from Netmindz, if it says dvd shrink 3.2 is the the most recent version? I got my old one from the site itself. Just in case your wondering I got a MAxtor 160gb to replace it, had to get XP professional for it to recognize it, but its nice!! I love XP pro, so much better than 2001 vintage home edition!