Does DVD+R DL (PTP) media exists?

I would like to know if DVD+R DL (PTP) or DVD-R DL (PTP) exists. If this type of media is not currently available does anyone know if or when this type of media will be available?

For what exact usage do you’d need them?

Sorry have to ask… what is PTP media ?

Parallel Track Path

As far as I know, it is not the media, but rather the burners that can not write PTP - I am willing to be proven wrong though!!

At presnt only pressed DVD’s can be PTP.

To backup PS2 DVD DL PTP games :slight_smile:

If we’re talkin about your safety backups from your originals, you’ll need a special little tool and a modchip which supports DVD-9

Yup, PTP is just the writing method.

You mean to tell me that DVD+R DL is neither OTP or PTP but u can change it to DVD+R DL PTP?! Which burning software do you use? :confused:

As far as I know, real DVD-Rom media is only PTP on single layer discs. I’d always see OTP on dual layer DVD-Roms.

It sounds like a matter of different media and drives…like in an XBOX. The DVD discs are read from the outside in. That’s why they are only playable in an XBOX and not in a computer.

Slight correction - most movies are OTP, but DL PS2 games are sometimes written PTP - single layer discs, although may report PTP is really meaningless. In PC’s layer 0 always starts are the centre of the disc and writes towards the edge - when writting an OTP layer 1 always starts are the same place that layer 0 finished and heads back towards the centre again - which is why you can get into trouble if you set the layer break wrong - you won’t fit on everything that you want!!

Writting PTP is the same as OTP for layer 0 - but when you switch to layer 1 it starts at the centre and starts writting towards the edge. In theory I am sure that layer 1 can be bigger than layer 0. In OTP layer 1 can only be as large as layer 0.

There is currently no DVD writer that will write PTP.

Not all movies are OTP. I’ve seen a few recently that weren’t. I should keep better notes and save a few speed scans of them. I’ll do so if I run across another one. So, just FYI that they’re not all OTP.

Really? Hmmmm I guess I’ll keep an eye on that.

I think there is also no DVD+R DL PTP media available either. If I’m not mistaken it is not possble to convert a DVD+R DL OTP into a DVD+R DL PTP.

@ Auzzie Kid
I’ll give you an advice, google for toxic dual layer patcher :wink:

As I said earlier, I don’t think this is media specific - rather there is no hardware that will burn a DL disc PTP. I am really willing to be proven wrong on this one - I suppose when the masters are being created it is very easy to manufacture PTP as it is 2 seperate substrate layers that are pressed and then sandwiched together to form the complete PTP DVD.

Here is a DVD/CD Speed performance scan of a PTP DVD-VIDEO disc. The disc is ‘Agent Aika: Naked Missions’. A bit of a misleading title…

Can you please also show a DVDInfoPro image to indicate that it is actually a DVD-VIDEO PTP?! :slight_smile:

The read speed profile pretty much guarantees that it is a PTP - at the layer break the read speed slows right down and builds as it moves towards the edge again - on a OTP scan the read profile is more like a pyramid.

I don’t use DVDInfoPro since they, uhh, started acting up. As abrown15 says, the transfer rate graph show it all.