Does DVD+R burned as DVD-ROM play in a DVD-R set top player?



I have a freind with a DVD-R player and need to burn a DVD for him. I have DVD+R media and a Plextor 716U burner. If I use DVD-ROM as media will the DVD+R play in the DVD-R player or should I just buy DVD-R media and burn it that way?



DVD-ROM booktype SHOULD work with the DVD ROM drive. There is no guarantee in the PC business.


Visit and search for the standalone…


The whole +R/-R listing of media compatibility on DVD Players is nothing more than a marketing scheme. Quality media of both + and - formats should play just fine on virtually any machine. However, I would definitely be setting the booktype to DVD-ROM on any DVD+R disc if for no other reason than to give it maximum compatibility with all dvd players.