Does DVD Fab Platinum work on Vista on a Dell PC?

I have no idea if this is the right place to ask this question but I am going to try.
Does Defab Platinum work ok with dell Vista on the system? If anyone has an answer to this please post. Thank you

yes, it works with Vista… i have it on Vista…
btw it shouldn’t make a difference if it’s on a dell or not…

But remember which flavor of Vista you purchased from Dell. They don’t install the same version that is sold in stores and they have to provide support because they are an OEM distributor.


DVDFab does not work with Vista 64 on Intel processors. I’m not sure about AMD. Since most Dells are Intel-based then Vista 64 probably won’t work on a Dell. However, just about all other DVD Backup utilities like Nero do work on Vista 64.

How about on Dell’s version of Vista Home Premium?

I’ve never tried it with Home Premium so I would just be guessing. All I know for sure is that it won’t work on my Intel Pentium D 950 (3.4Ghz) which is in a Dell XPS-400 running Vista 64 Ultimate Edition. I have the same problem that you can find in several places on this board where DVDFab Platinum will ask for the key then crash. Any attempt to run it after that will result in an immediate crash. If I remove the key from the registry, it will run again and ask for the key (with the same results).

The Patin-Couffin drivers run fine on the system and will respond correctly to all commands. Also, DVDFab Decrypter runs perfectly on the system.

Besides the Dell XPS, I’ve tried this on a Dell Latitude D-620 Laptop with an Intel Core 2 processor and Vista 64 Ultimate Edition with the same results.

By the way, I’ve found something very peculiar about this problem: if I just enter the last 2 characters of my key, DVDFab Platinum will crash just as with the entire key. If I enter any other key sequence besides the entire key or the last 2 characters of the key, it will simply ask for the correct key. Weird.

I have a Dell XPS 410 with and Intel Core2 CPU 2.40GHz running Vista Home Premium and I’m using DVDFab Platinum v3086. It works perfectly not only that but I had read in some earlier threads about some people having problems see the movie displayed in the preview window - I’ve had no such problems, the preview looks fine. BTW I’m the guy, along with quite a few friends, who could never get it to run correctly on Windows Media Edition thankfully I’m not having any problems with Vista - at least with DVDFab. It is not working at all with quite a some of my other hardware and software and I expect it will be months before they get it working in a stable fashion. Unless you like to find and or fix problems stay with what you have now - unless it’s Windows Media Edition - it suck at so many different levels it’s laughable.

“it suck at so many different levels it’s laughable.”

umm: all your base belong to us?

C’mon let’s get real here and let’s be honest. I have Windows XP Media Centre Edition; laughable?

Not, in fact I havent had a problem with it in over a year of daily/heavy use.

BTW Vista Home Premium [B]IS [/B] a Media Centre Edition.

Ergo your version must be 'laughable" too?

Had a Bad day huh

Nope just can’t stand lies and ignorance is all, you’re against the truth? Good for you!

How can you be expected to help people if lies and ignorance are allowed to perculate?

Please do feel free to elaborate on how allowing the BS that we are talking about helps people, hmm?

For example how could a person that owns Vista Home Premium not realise that it is a Media Centre Edition, especially after they just called it laughable, Sir that in and of itself is what is truly laughable.

You make no since what so ever, just mombo jumbo
what do you mean by…“lies and ignorance”


‘How can you be expected to help people if lies and ignorance are allowed to perculate’

At the risk of fanning your flame; go re-read the posts in question.

Learn to spell; then we’ll talk some more.

What is up with you,dgbaker?Stromjumper has been a great help to a great many people,what have you done except be rude.Go away and do not come back till you learn what your mommy should have taught in the first grade.“If you can not say something nice shut up”

Hi tgidday
Don’t pay no mind to him, been going over all of his posts that he has made and I have come to the conclusion that he has a problem within his self

I have no intent of debating here because the matter is a waste of time but if people read the official description of Windows Vista Home Premium edition then dgbaker’s initial point makes some sense.

I would hardly compare Windows MCE based on XP to the Vista Home Premium but to say MCE is laughable and yet Home Premium includes Windows Media Center… well, there’s some humorous irony. I would say that that was the point being made.

PS: Just because the system is a Dell won’t make DVDFab not work. As has been said it’s a matter of whether the Vista install is 32 vs 64-bit.

Hi YDrinkLyeAndDie
ou may be right BUT for him to be rude to me was not called for, all I was trying to do was find out what he was talking about and which posts he was referring too and he goes off on me.
Oh well I will let it go and leave him alone, not worth my time

The best response is NO RESPONSE to DGBAKER’S post if he is acting like that, enough said.

His way of approaching the issue was… not the best. Instead I focused on the content with the garbage removed. Worrying about anything else is just a waste of everyone’s time. :slight_smile:

The question was will DVDFab Platinum work with Vista Home Premium on a Dell Computer? My experience with just such a combination was, and is, an unqualified success - it worked perfectly. My experience with MCE, along with quite a few of my friends running a variety of different computers was that everyone I knew, which obviously is not everyone in the world, had problems with MCE and DVDFab in combination. I’m sorry to say I don’t recall the person who pointed out the obvious to me on this forum but when you look at what operating systems DVDFab is compatible with MCE is NOT mentioned. I can also say that although MCE and Vista Home Premium may share some features a quick call to a Microsoft and or Dell Technician will dispel any notion that they are identical operating systems – they most definitely aren’t! What would be the point in making an identical OS and calling it Vista? The mind boggles – they are different systems. I can also assure you the multitude of problems I had with MCE were not resolved by either Microsoft Tec department or the Dell Tec department. Their conclusion, problem after problem, and arrived at independently, was that MCE was in conflict at the software or hardware level and that the problems I was encountering were not going to be resolved – period. They suggested I switch to Windows XP Pro – which I did – and every single problem and conflict disappeared. When you install Vista it will tell you that you must remove Nero from your computer as they are not compatible – I like Nero and the software that MS uses, and causes the conflict, is, in my humble opinion, inferior. But Nero works well on XP Pro so I’m happy!

Dgbaker if you love MCE and are having no problems with it I’m absolutely thrilled for you but it does me or my friends no good whatever. Nor does it diminish in anyway the feedback from both MS and Dells Tec people that much of what I was attempting to do with the MCE operating system will never work because of incompatibility problems. I’d say as operating systems goes MCE does indeed fit very nicely into the laughable category.

Very well said :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: