Does DVD Clone2 have a dvd decrypter software for DVD+R DL?

Ok iam asking because the dvd decrypter has a feature where you can enable a dvd+r DL disc to burn in the format of a dvd-rom that enables it to run on any dvd player.

Now when i try to copy a 8gb dvd…it askes me for type (this is after i set it up on the dvd decrypter)…if you select the dvd+r DL one it says 100% quality…but if u select the dvd-ram one its one 58% quality. I tried burning it onto a dvd+r DL disc, it works on my computer…but when i put it into my dvd drive it says disc error.

Now i need to find a way to burn it into a dvd-rom format…so that i can use it on my dvd-player. Please have told me to use dvd clone2 in conjunction with anydvd but i am still confused as to what that does.

Sorry for the confusion, what iam asking is how do i booktype DvD+R to DvD-Rom and burn it via CD Clone2

Instead of me writing alot of information here and confusing the situation.

We will need your burner name and model then someone or I can tell you where to get a utility(if possible for your drive) that will give you the option to change book-type settings. Using that utility, you will be able to set to DVD-ROM with any burn software.

To answer your question: No, CloneDVD does not force bit-setting, but will allow if your burning is set for bit-setting.


select the dvd+r DL one it says 100% quality…but if u select the dvd-ram one its one 58% quality

DVD-ROM & DVD-RAM are totally different formats.

I love using booktype software but there is no guarantee that it will allow you to play a DVD-ROM on any DVD player. Some players just won’t play a copy even if it has been booktyped. What I like about booktyping is that I can buy +R discs and booktype them to ROM format. This is very helpfull when +R discs are the only ones on sale.

use nero cd-dvd speed it can do bitsetting you’ll see it under extra’s
i think k-probe as this feature if u ave a lite-on ? if so u can also use lite-on bitsetting utility 135.for nec drives u can use binfash hope this helps

Iam on the LG GSA-H10A

What i want to do is copy/copy a dvd which is over 4.7GB (So iam using DVD+R DL) and bypass protection/region setting while at the same time enable bit setting to dvd-rom. Iam using anydvd and clone dvd2

I have a dvd rom and that lg burner . iam going to replace that dvd rom with a benq 1655dw soon

Does LG GSA-H10A support booktyping? for DVD+R?

The LG GSA-H10A supports Bitsetting for DVD+R and DVD+R DL. The drive does not support Bitsetting for DVD+RW media. This feature can be controlled/changed with the Bitsetting option in Nero CD-DVD Speed or in Nero Burning Rom 6 as well as with various other applications.

This is what I found.