Does Drag-n-drop ever work consistently?


I have been battling a number of problems with my CD writer using Nero 5.5 and InCD 3.5. I format a disk, copy files to it and all seems well. When I use the disk again, perhaps after successfully using it two or three times, I will sometimes get a message that the disk is full, or can’t copy because the files on the disk some how turn to read only, or the files don’t show up at all. There are a couple of factors that could be affecting my CD’s. I had Roxio installed and I use the CD’s on more than one computer. Do you think that I need to have the same version of InCD installed on all the computers I use in order for files to copy correctly? I have uninstalled Roxio and reformated all my disks with the same version of InCD hoping that will help. I don’t know yet if that will make a difference.

I am very frustrated because I need to take files back and forth between work and home and frequently loose data because of these problems. I thought a CD writer would be as reliable as floppies in that regard. WRONG! I’d go back to using floppies if my laptop had a floppy drive . . .maybe I’ll invest in a flash drive. . .Any help would be most appreciated!