Does disc speed = quality

Forgive me if this is an old topic, I am new here.

My friend bought some taiyo yuden DVD-R 16x, the quality of a burn is awesome!! Fantastic picture!

My question is, does the max speed a disc can be burnt to reflect in the quality of burn & therfore picture quality?

In other words would a TY 16x hava better picture quality than a TY 8x DVD-R

Or, is it JUST a case of burn speed?
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Actually i like my TY 8X +R’s for the best quality.

Others will disagree.

Picture quality has nothing to do with the brand or the model of the media…
It’s digital, not tape…

The speed rating of a disc has very little to do with the quality of the disc, except for the fact that the fastest rated discs may be mechanically more stable and flatter (longer moulding time) than discs rated for slower speeds. All other factors have to do with the reaction speed and power requirements of the dye used and will not affect recording quality by themselves.

Different recording speeds will produce different rates and numbers of errors as well as different error profiles. As long as the errors are handled by error correction circuitry, the viewer will see no difference between discs with extremely low error ratings and those with much higher ratings. The difference between the two is that the disc with the higher error ratings is more likely to have difficulties in being played on multiple players and is more likely to have errors that do produce visible artifacts (and eventually failure) sooner than the disc with much lower error rates.

That’s true.

The readability of the DVD in different DVD players and DVD drives can vary depending on the media, and depending on the burner and burn speed used. Some combinations of media/drive/burnspeed may read/play perfectly while others freeze or skip in some players or have reading problems in some drives.

For me, I get best playability with TY 16x DVD+R and TY 8x DVD+R media, while TY 16x DVD-R media needs to be burned in the right drive in order to play without skipping/freezing in my pickiest DVD player. I haven’t tested TY 8x DVD-R media enough to have an opinion on playability, but I know that others have reported that it’s not as good for them as TY 8x DVD+R.

In my experience you cannot predict playability of a DVD in picky DVD players by looking at PIE/PIF scans, unless the scans are absolutely horrible, so comparing PIE/PIF for this purpose is only useful when you’re testing the same media burned at different speeds or in different drives, but it’s not useful for comparing different media.

Im going by my own eyes, several times I have burnt the same movie to a cheap gigatain DVD and a TY 16x DVD-R on all occasions the TY’s picture quality is far superiour to the gigatain, the difference is not subtle, its very noticable.

I gotta be kidding…
What might happen on dvd video, is that cheap/crappy dvds force the laser lens to read, and may, i say may create a pixelized movie… cause the lens can’t keep up with the movie, since it needs more time to process the image…

If it was has you say, i would buy TY and burn on them CAM movies, and would see them as DVDRIP?

You asked a question, and several people who appear to know the technical answer gave you an answer you did not accept. I’m puzzled. If you “knew” the answer, why did you ask? If you can see a difference in quality, that difference must be in the amount of error corrrection causing digital artifacts. The data on the disc determine colour, light level, resolution delivered to the monitor, etc. On an analogue tape, those signals are due to the levels of remanent flux and the smoothness of the tape surface, and the tape quality does contribute to the signal from the player.

As for determining true errors on a disc, only a calibrated player such as the Pulstech hooked up to very expensive equipment will give clear picture; and these errors do determine whether or not the disc will play on DVD players/drives that are with specification. Such tests from Expert, Datarius, and Audio Development equipment are known as “interchangeability” tests. The CATs equipment for one format alone costs nearly 250.000 Euros. Scans are wonderful tools for the consumer, but they are not reliable for a multitude of reasons.

The simple answer is no :slight_smile:

I never said a TY disc would make a CAM look like a DVD! Plz dont miss quote me, I only stated that [B]more than once a proper DVD [/B]looked better burnt to a TY than a cheap gigatain.

The question I [B]originaly[/B] asked was does the write speed of two different TY discs have an influence of how the picture quality will look. Which has been kindly answered and I have not argued. Plz dont accuse me of such.

What Iv been arguing & will continue to as my [B]eyes dont lie[/B] is that the [B]same[/B] DVD rip burnt to a expensive TY disc looked much better than a cheap gigatain when played on my Pioneer DVD player and 37 inch 1080P LCD TV, Iv seen this [B]more[/B] than once.

Sorry mate it doesn’t work like that. If the exact same image was burnt and one looks better because it has no artifacts, pixels etc then yes I agree with you. But if you somehow think that high quality DVDs provide sharper/better playback then you are wrong.

All the reader sees is digital data. The only explanation that can be possible is that the shitty DVD has so many errors (not surprising) that it causes playback issues with blocky artifacts and whatnot - thus making is look lower quality, which is perfectly understandable. If you burn Verbatim and TY and then can tell which disc is playing by the way it visually looks I’d be extremely surprised.

Sorry, no digital artifacts or similar, the picture on the TY compared to the gigatain is quite simply more 3D, much more colourfull & solid looking & looks like its being played on a much better DVD player. I have seen this time & time again when comparing these cheap gigatain discs with the expensive TY’s. I understand what you guys are saying, digital is digital, maybe that is the case for general media, perhaps that goes to show just how crap these gigatain are! Only about 1 in 4-5 burn and verify ok!! Perhaps Verbatim v TY would be identical as you say, but not these gigatain.

Have you ever tried a blind test? Have someone play one of these gigatain or Ty discs without you knowing which it is and I’ll bet your score in choosing which is which will be 50%.:iagree:

Excellent idea wise old man :bigsmile:

I’ve always read about people “thinking” that brand A DVD is better than brand B DVD in picture quality and about brand A CD-R is better than brand B CD-R in sound quality , always thought the idea is just plain nonesense (no offence) Digital IS Digital , these are no magnetic tapes :iagree:

What’s next ? somebody saying that a pressed DVD movie would have a better PQ than the same movie burnt on a MKM DL disc (1:1 copy) :wink:

A double-blind test is even better in determining differences. Such tests are very revealing in audio tests. But when I tried a double-blind video test, I couldn’t see a thing, the guy doing the blind switching and I ran into each other, and we knocked over the computer. :slight_smile:

ok well enough is enough I [B]know[/B] what Iv seen. I dont have to justify myself any further.

My original question was does write speed reflect quality, thats been answered, regarding the difference in picture quality between a TY and the cheap crappy gigatain, Im not debating anymore, state what you want & for the most part I agree but in [B]this[/B] case my [B]eyes don’t lie.[/B]

There is no need for sarcasm

LOL :smiley:

Needless to say I agree with the others. When I burn a movie disc, I make 3 copies: one on “mid-range” media, one on MCC, and one on TY.

I can’t tell any difference, sharpness or otherwise, on any of the three backups.

However. Britlifter is entitled to give his opinions and experiences, just as others are entitled to disagree with them.

But let’s keep this friendly please. :wink:

You may be taking the “double-blind” part too literally! :bigsmile: