Does DeUHD contain a trojan/virus?


Has anyone verified that this software is not dropping any type of trojan on their system?

Read first: DeUHD Frequently Asked Questions

@TheShoe, also version triggers 3 engines at VirusTotal:

But they have Suspected behind it. One user also reported he had to disabled AVG to get it installed. But the file appears to be clean according to the majority of all antivirus products. It requires the internet to work, so you never know what’s send over the line. Would be nice to see whether it’s even encrypted or not :wink:


I get a detection on Eset Smart Security that asks me if I want to clean the file and press yes and it installs perfectly.


Strange, Eset let me install it without any warnings.


Something else strange I have noticed is that every time I create a shortcut which I call “DEUHD” to their website on my desktop it disappears within a few days. This has happened 4 times already. I create a shortcut, it disappears.

Are they spying on us ?

I have now uninstalled the program and only install it when I need to use it.


It’s pretty common to get false positives, although I admit I had similar thoughts about DeUHD doing dodgy things. It’d be good if there’s anyone here knowledgeable about security to pitch in.


Everytime I download a new version Eset removes something from the file and then downloads it perfectly, and it installs fine, I wouldn’t worry about it. I bet its just because its a new program.


Since the first release there have always been 3 VirusTotal engines that reported the DeUHD executable as suspicious. At the same time all other engines reported it as being clean. Possibly DeUHD uses some kind of copy protection/anti-decompile code that triggers this.

Given that 63 of the 66 engines used by VirusTotal consider the file clean and 3 consider it suspicious (I’d say that would be just a warning, not a clear detection), I wouldn’t worry about. We also never had any user having issues.

Virustotal results here:


I haven’t ever had any issues and Eset never says what it cleans, so I assume they just do not recognise it and assume its a PUP.