Does cross-branding FW break Nero? What's new in 6WS6?

(Haven’t gotten any answers to these questions in my post about another topic in the Lite-On forum, so I’ll past them here)

Anyone know what Memorex firmware version 6WS6 changes over 6WS3? Do the Memorex firmwares correspond closely to Lite-On’s firmwares (like, is Memorex 6WS2 the same as Lite-On 6S02 except for the string that says “Memorex” or “Lite-On” and the model number)?

Has anyone tried the Lite-On 6S0C FW in a Memorex 52x24x52 drive? And when you “cross brand” like that, does that break the bundled Nero (since the CD says “software will only work with the CD recorder it came bundled with”)?

Since you have an OEM version of Nero, changing your drive to a Lite-ON would “break” it.

I am not sure what version 6WS6 corresponds to, but it is an update…