Does CRC error infects the CD?

Does CRC error infects the CD?
When I receive a message “CRC ERROR” while im installing
my back up disk. does that mean when i inserted it into another hard drive still, it will say “CRC ERROR”??? PLEASE HELP!!!:(:sad:

The original works?

You can find some information about CRC errors here.

If an optical medium shows CRC errors, it basically means that data are not readable, so nothing should be written in HDD.

If you get CRC errors also from the original disc, it is possible that there is a damage in RAM memories. To exclude RAM as cause of the problem, before to trash the disc, I suggest to run a memtest :slight_smile:

Of course, it is also possible that the original disc is damaged too, so you will get CRC errors anyway :doh:

CRC errors on some files can be the result of read or write errors on a HDD.

IF the files being moved have CRC information encoded.

Where I see it most is when transfering mp3 files because all my mp3 files are encoded with CRC information

Cyclic Redundancy Check, for a better explanation than I care to type out:

the short version is that CRC is about error detection, so “infect” doesnt enter the discussion