Does copyToDvd support overburning?

I have a 700MB disc and would like to burn some file that is 704MB. CopyToDvd does not allow me to burn that file. I remember last time when I was using Nero, Nero supported overburning.
So is there any changes I need to make in the settings to allow me to overburn the CD?

One more question i.e. I inserted a 800MB disc in my cd-rom but copyToDvd cannot detect the CD. Any suggestions? Thanks

Hmm, could someone please respond???
Does copyToDvd support overburning?

i dont know CopyToDVD that much, but i dont think it has that possibility (yet)

does your 800mb disc work with nero?

So you are saying that copyToDvd does not support overburning?
By the way, NERO can detect the 800MB CD but not copyToDvd
so sad

Choose the custom size of disc from dissize options and say wath happens. Good Luck.