Does compression take away from movie quality?

Just wanted to ask if using compression to copy a DVD9 disk to a DVD5 disk reduces the quality of the copied movie? I was looking to backup a new movie DVDFab and with compression, this will be down to 75%.

Does the DVD player simply decompress the moive on the disk and retain full quality, or is quality lost during the compression step.

Stupid question, but I gotta ask! :confused:

Once you take the bits away, there really is no ‘magic bullet’ that will put them back. That said, will you notice it? Try it and see. There’s plenty of advice and opinion on compression around here.

It’s not a stupid question, but one that is open to interpretation.
The basic answer is yes, but as oly said if you can’t see it why worry about it.
If you have a large screen tv at 75% you will notice the difference in some parts of the movie. If you can live with it then it’s not a problem. If you can get the compression at 90% or better by only backing up the main movie this will be much better and on my set up the results are excellent.

Thanks guys.

I’ve a projector and a 100" screen so I’m a bit paranoid about quality loss!!

Best thing is to try a few movies at a different compression rate to see which one you can live with