Does closing session on DVD-RW,RAM,+RW etc ruin disc?



If I close a multi session rewriteable disk will it render the disc unable to write again?


I’d like to know the answer for this as well.



youll be able to write to it again for sure , youll just need to erase it first


If it is +RW ( I don’t know about RAM), it always appears as finalized (check IsoBuster), but you can always write on it, no matter if you have manually told it to close or not.
If you want to start a new compilation, you need to make it not to load last track.

With -RW, if you close it, you need to erase / format the disc before you can write on it again. (Erase and format make the DVD-RW into different format media - DVD-RW Sequential or DVD-RW Restricted Overwrite - which does not matter particularly as to this question. I think Nero formats the DVD-RW before recording in any case, so you always get a RO disc).



i burnt a dvd with alcohol 120% on a Verbatim DVD-RW, the burn process appears to close the session and change the DVD-RW to DVD-ROM! The disk was unreadable in the DVD-player and unreadable in my computer.

I could not reformat it with alcohol or nero, kept getting error in CDB field!
I contacted the DVD-RW dealer who suggested that a UDF format was needed because I burned an ISO larger than 2GB. That worked and I could read the DVD-RW again.

But! the disk failed when I tried to copy a Video_TS folder to it. It is now unreadable again and unformattable! its a coaster.

So yeah it seems closing the session changes the booktype when burning an ISO with alcohol. I wish I could some how resurrect this DVD-RW! :sad:


DVD-RW doesn’t even support changing the booktype so that’s not the problem here.

There’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to erase the disc again - unless your burner just doesn’t see it / support it properly.


my question is that does closing session while burning a dvd+r using nero, ruin the disc. Is there any way that the disc can be reused, just as a data disc.


If you really mean DVD+R as opposed to DVD+RW then once it’s closed it’s finished.
Also +/-R media can only be written on once. However, if it’s not closed then data can be appended to it in another session but not reusing the already used space.