Does clonedvd use a bad encoding method?

does clonedvd use a bad encoding method?

i have no idea what you mean by this. i’ve never had any problems with clonedvd.

you’ll have to be MUCH more detailed if you’re expecting any meaningful responses!

also, just so you know…clonedvd2 does NOT encode. it’s a transcoder

ok well for when i put my original dvd movie in and i open up clonedvd. Then i click on the option to let me rip the movie and menus if i want to. whatever it does, it shrinks the movie size so it can fit on a dvd-r 4.7 gigs. That would be rencoding right?

no, clonedvd transcodes to achieve compression.

there are other programs that re-encode to achieve compression, but not clonedvd2.

No, it’s not (re)encoding the files, that is there is no breakdown of the frames and rebuilding of them. To my knowledge it merely removes ‘extra’ data in the stream which is what transcoding is. If I am wrong in this, someone will speak up for what is really going on.

As far as the debate between which program is better, that has been discussed endlessly. My suggestion is to try both and determine which one works best for you and stick to that method.

@ mikej3131,

If you don’t believe the information that Forum Member are providing suggest visiting the Elaborate Bytes home page and read the information contained therein.

Exactly what is the purpose of you posting?

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whhy are you getting rude bjkg

First of all, i never not once didnt believe reasonsnorules. this is what i said

That would be rencoding right?

That is asking a question. from what i previously heard it did rencode, but the guy who told me was wrong and i thank everyone else for telling me that.

Exactly what is the purpose of you posting?

the purpose was to find out if what clonedvd does to my dvd when it rips to my hard drive is either superior or inferior to rencoding methods. or simply was asking if what clonedvd does is a good way of compressing my movie to get it on a dvd-r and stil have a quality video.

1.) i’m a girl

2.) bjkg is one of the most polite forum members on here! asking if clonedvd is a bad encoder is a very incomplete and vague question. bjkg was asking what you were trying to find out by asking this question.

3.) if you have a playback system capable of high quality playback then re-encoding will 95% of the time be superior to transcoding.

4.) re-encoding will always take MUCH longer than transcoding

5.) solution: try some transcoders and some encoders and decide if the time trade-off is worth it for you.

6.) a 21 day free trial of clonedvd2 is available from

hmm i see thanks. So rencoding will give a better picture quality then, but transcoding is faster.

what about ffMEG rencoding. is that a good rencoding tool.

In anybodys opinion, what is the best rencoding tool

doubt you’ll get too many responses to that question in this forum and it seems you’ve already asked this question in another forum. i’d stay tuned there for input or do a search. this has been debated to the ends of the earth on cdfreaks.

i see

@ mikej3131,

My posting in no way was rude.

I simply stated if you had any doubts of the information Forum Members were providing to visit the Official Home page of Elaborate Bytes and obtain information there. Nothing rude about that.

I do question the manner in which you asked your original question.

If the purpose of you original inquiry was quote ->

“”the purpose was to find out if what clonedvd does to my dvd when it rips to my hard drive is either superior or inferior to rencoding methods. or simply was asking if what clonedvd does is a good way of compressing my movie to get it on a dvd-r and stil have a quality video””

Why didn’t you ask that question in the first place instead of the cryptic manner that you originally asked your question?

Here’s a useful tip -> It helps to ask the correct question if you are anticipating receiving the correct answer.

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hmm did i ask the correct question about ffmeg being a good encoder?

not really, since the name of the encoder is ffmpeg :wink:

(sorry, i had to. i’m not mean i swear…just sarcastic at times. welcome to the forum)

@ mikej3131,

Isn’t it FFmpeg ?

Perchance haven’t you already inquired about FFmeg in the CD and DVD Burning Software Forum and theVideo Edit Software Forum about 2 hours ago?

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hughhh bjkg yessss i did. no1 has answered that thread and thats y i asked it here. if you dont wanna help me then why are you wasting your time posting here tellion me how to ask questions and how to post.

everyone chill out and kiss and make up.

mikej3131, bjkg is referencing the fact that cross posting is not allowed on the forum. asking the same question in two different forums is cross posting.

besides, like i said before, you’re not going to get too many responses in THIS (clonedvd) forum since you’re asking about ffmpeg. this forum isn’t about ffmpeg and clonedvd2 isn’t even an encoder.

have you tried a search for ffmpeg? also try searching under dvd rebuilder. that program uses your choice of encoders. i’m sure there are plenty of threads with people debating the pros and cons of each encoder.

half of the game is asking the right questions, the other half is asking it in the right place :slight_smile:

sorry to crosspost. Ok heres a clonedvd question. Does it transcode when burning to dvd also or does it just tanscode when ripping?

I am asking because i just noticed nero transcodes when burning and it also rencodes to when burning