Does CloneCD support burning to DVD9s?

I’m considering an all-rounder solution to back-up for Audio, Game and DVD. :eek:

Been investigating the DVD side of this and decided that it might be worth avoiding the transcode/encode quality issues by simply using DVD9 back-up equipment.
[Not in all cases tho’ ChickenMan - I still needed that understanding process - TY!!]

I’ve downloaded the trial of the latest CloneCD + AnyDVD and already got a couple of successful DVD9 back-ups on my HDD in its custom image format.

BUT I’ve still got to investigate which dual-layer burner to go for so I can’t try it (and the Slysoft destructions don’t mention the ‘new’ DVD feature).

Will CloneCD happily burn to whatever DVD capability u’r equipment supports?

[Also, it seems to be NOT recommended for DVD back-up. :frowning:
Surely when it’s 1:1 back-up there wouldn’t be much Slysoft could do wrong after years of experience with burn-equipment.]

NOTE TO SELF: Look before you post, look before you post, look before you post…continues on virtual blackboard x98

Guess that’s a yes then. Cheers bigly.

Your welcome self.

NOTE TO SLYSOFT: Don’t forget to update manual, don’t forget to update manual… repeat x100 plz :wink: