Does CloneCD REMOVE copy protections?

Does CloneCD REMOVE copy protections?
I have a music CD with various folders but no visable music file via my CD drive.

I did replace a dll file to allow me to see the *.wav files that *.cda files point to.

ClonyXL tells me that this is an audio CD and not a CD-Extra.

If I DICS COPY in CloneCD and select the AUDIO CD profile, it gives me a music CD with *.cda files.

The copy plays fine in my CD-RW drive whereas the original doesn’t.


In the case of copy-protected audio cds, both yes and no. In other cases, no.

In the case of copy protected audio cds, what CloneCD does is to make an incomplete copy of the cd.

Copy protected audio cds invariably are multi-session discs with all the genuine audio tracks (i.e. what you actually want) recorded in the first session. All the copy protection contriols + garbage tracks (inferior copies that will play [badly] with a special player that your disc will onstall on your 'puter) are contained in the other sessions.

When you make a copy of such a cd with CloneCD using the standard Audio CD profile, what it does is copy the first session only (i.e. the genuine audio tracks) and the remaining useless sessions are omitted so that the copy made is a normal unprotected audio cd.