Does clone dvd have "copy on fly" option?



does clone dvd have “copy on fly” option?
i couldn’t find it.


No, because no one want to use it because it is too risky and pointless.


i dont agree it’s pointless. time is money and i dont have money


No, because the re-encoding would take to long compared to the burn, maybe if you had it on 2x or something it could just about cope, but this would be slower than a high speed rip and burn.

As olmari said, it would be risky, and you would just end up with a load of coasters. I never used on the fly for anything, because it allways gave crap results.

Ben :slight_smile:


maybe but i dont need it for encoding or something like that. i need it just for copy dvd data discs


Is it relly worth of 2 minutes to risk losta coasters?


Then why are you asking about CloneDVD if you just want to copy data? Use NERO.


Because he already own CloneDVD but not Nero?


i own both of them but i just want a program who can copy on fly. nero cant. clonedvd cant either. if some one knows some program who have option “on fly” please tell me.


Nero can, I’m guessing your using which has a bug regarding
burning on the fly