Does Clon DVD alter original DVD?


A friend of mine wants to copy my DVD collection. He told me that he’s gonna use AnyDVD to bypass the protection and then he’s gonna use Clone DVD 2 to copy the movies. I was wondering if any of these two programs will modify or leave watermarks on my original DVDs.
I don’t want my DVD’s to get messed up or get in to trouble because those programs leave traces.

I will appreciate information about this before letting him use my stuff.

Thanks in advance!!

@ DVD Clonersz,

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Yes the AnyDVD-CloneDVD software programs will leave traceable watermarks that can easily tracked to the original owner. This is to prevent illegal and unauthorized duplication of copyright material.

It should be noted that in most countries it is illegal to copy a DVD that you do not own. You are making a copy of something that you did not pay for and the motion picture industry frowns on this illegal activity. It appears that you are aware of this fact because of your comment “I don’t want my DVD’s to get messed up or get in to trouble because those programs leave traces.”

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Puh-leeze. No, your originals won’t be modified. BUT, letting your friend copy all your discs IS illegal. Of course. Let’s not pretend it isn’t. :slight_smile:

Sorry bjkg, this is NOT true. Crap like DVDXCopy did this, elby CloneDVD does NOT add traceable watermarks, of course!

Obviously no program will modify your original (store bought) discs.

CloneDVD and AnyDVD will not leave any personal information or any blatant information like “THIS IS A COPY”. But there are a couple of very minor things:

  1. The disc structure, if you do a movie only, the copy will obviously differ from the original
  2. No copy protection (ie no macrovision)
    2a. Possibly no region information
  3. I believe if you scan the copy with dvdinfo (or some bit scanner) it will display somewhere in the general type info “CLONEDVD”.
  4. Obviously no physical movie label on the disc. (self-printed ones, although cool, will look self-printed)

DVDXCopy did the warning screen (“this is a copy…”) and embedded the person’s serial number in each copy. When illegal copies popped up in the wild, 321studios was able to turn off the software (when it connected to the internet) based on that serial number.

Hello Folks,

I fully know that in fact the AnyDVD-CloneDVD software program does not alter in any way the original commercially manufactured DVD or leave any watermarking traces on the backup copy.

In my #2 posting in this tread I was posting in a facetious manner in response to Forum Member DVD Clonersz less than truthful feeble attempt in claiming ignorance in not knowing it was illegal to make copies of commercial copyright DVDs that he or his friend did not own or purchase.

It was my attempt to honor the Forum Rules in not condoning violation of laws and to persuade Forum Member DVD Clonersz not to engage in illegal activities.

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good post bjkg

good to see you back posting

bjkg I think was joking to deter him from illegal activity, but in truth, once a disc is finalised with a burner, or is pressed at a factory anything you do to it on your computer will not leave traces of you, or anything at all.

I don’t know about that. My computer traced my name, address, and phone number onto the bottom of the last original disc I put into it. :smiley: Damn computers! :wink:

LOL,SamuriHL, how did you find that out, I’m intrigued? Was it something to do with the invoice from the place you bought it?

It wasn’t your computer. It was your little brother (and I mean LITTLE - after all, he fit in a DVD drive…) :bigsmile:

hehehehe. Although, given what’s on the main cdfreaks page about Sony possibly locking game discs to ONE ps3 machine, perhaps we shouldn’t be laughing all that much! :slight_smile: SIGH…

On an original disc to leave a “trace”… well…

Both software (AnyDVD, CloneDVD2) JUST read the content and don’t alter anyhing on the original, as it is impossible. Watermarks? A DVD is not a stamp.

do you think the video rental store will get suspicious if I rent 10 dvds at once, then return them 2 or 3 hours later? (-;

YES. That’s pushing it big time arcticandyb! :frowning: :cop: I sincerely hope that was a joke?

Yes, on a DVD this is quite impossible. Apparently Sony has a patent for a technology that’s going to allow it on their next gen blu ray discs. They can write the serial number of the first machine to play it onto the disc thereby locking the disc to that machine. What a bunch of BS if they actually use this technology.

@ arcticandyb,

No matter if some clerk at a Video Rental Store gets spacious or not in the US of A it is illegal to copy Commercial DVD Movie Titles that you do not own or purchased.

You are aware of this or you would not be asking the question. Suggest reviewing the Forum Rules (


Concerning blu ray discs serial number writing technology

If Sony would be stupid enough to enable the serial number writing technology on the blu ray discs they would find themselves in court just like they are now for their stupidity in the Rootkit fiasco. It appears that Sony just doesn’t get it were customer rights are involved.

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Off topic but what does it matter since this resurrected thread actually died 3 weeks ago…

I’ve been waiting to read about someone who would sue sony over the Rootkit thing. Already decided they don’t get another penny of my money. Read the Los Angeles Times for days but found nothing on the subject.

Who’s suing? Gov’t Consumer Protection or Civil Liberties or private party or class action? What’s up?