Does CDRWin writes CloneCD image files?

just wanted to know - I wondered why elby added the option to write the cuesheet as well when making the image file - perhaps now we can freelock our CloneCD images?

From what I understand, CloneCD uses it’s own system, with one main file and a sub file. I don’t think CDRWin can write CCD images…
Anybody knows why there is an option for cue sheet…?

Version 10 June 2001
Added optional creation of “Cue-Sheets”. “Cue-Sheets” can be used to process images created with CloneCD with many other CD-Writing applications, e.g. Nero.

So you can just use the CUE created by CloneCD to write the image with Nero or CDRWin.

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So you can just use the CUE created by CloneCD to write the image with Nero or CDRWin.

As long as the image file doesn’t include 96 bytes subchannel data,otherwise Cdrwin will give you a coaster…:stuck_out_tongue:


So you can just use the CUE created by CloneCD to write the image with Nero or CDRWin.

huh ?

Why would anybody do that?
I fail to see the need.
Only use I can see would be warez…


The cue has been there a little while now. Before D-Tools supported the .ccd file, you needed a .cue to mount the image :wink:

so can you freelock the images now? or patch or use trainers on the images w/ ppf-O-matic?

this should be possible, yes!

The images made by CDRWin and CloneCD are the same (BIN and IMG). Both are RAW images which use 2352 bytes/sector.

But if you want the subcodes to be recognized, you’ll have to burn it with CloneCD, of course.
For CloneCD, the CUE file is NOT needed.

Aha. Silly me… :cool:

OK, you’re right about this: clone does not use the cue. But how will it burn the freelock protection?

for those who don’t know about freelock: it adds in the cuesheet 2 final data tracks w/ faulty sectors, genarated by the floppy freelock actually is (i know this is simplified but it’s the most easy way).
So cdrwin reads the cuesheet, and burns the game + the 2 additional data tracks. why? because they’re mentioned in the cuesheet - not because it’s in the . bin !! Freelock only alters the cuesheet, not the actual image (=.bin)

So how would clone know they are two additional data tracks after the image, as it doesn’t even read the cuesheet?

CDRWIN gets all its data from the BIN file. And to know how the data is organized you need a cuesheet.
CloneCD has its own format: A CCD file which describes the Tracks and positions. The indices of Audio-Cds or Track beginnings are all stored in the SUB file. For example the time position is stored in the Q-Subchannel and CD-Text in the subchannels R-W.

So you see: You can describe a CDs structur in many different ways. CloneCD describes a CD more exact than CDRWIN. You can say that CloneCD tells the Writer that it has to do, while CDRWIN only gives the Writer a description, of what it should record. The Writer then analyses this command and if it don’t want to execute it, it has the right to reject the command and terminate the current session :wink: