Does cdr quality affect read speed?

hey, im going out to buy more cdrs today and since im getting at least 25, i wanna make sure i get decent ones. so today im gonna test of few of my burned cds with nero cd speed and scandisc, but first i need to know something…

does the quality of the cdr media (or of the burner) affect the maximum speed that the cd can be read, after its burned, assuming the cd has no errors, yellow or red. basically im asking if different brands will make cds that can be read faster/slower after burning, depending on the brand.

also, what a good read speed (transfer rate) of a burnt cdr? i know that the 52x max cd-roms (one that i have) dont always go at 52x, so ideally, how fast should the drive be able to read the data if its burned nicely? im gonna test a burned and real cd and compare, but i wanna hear some other people’s views on this

thanks a lot!!!

I am afraid there are no set standards. Of course the reading speed of a drive depends on both the quality of the media at hand and the drive reading capabilities itself. Spend a few minutes reading some of ourt drive reviews in the mainpage to see what i mean.

You will have to test the drive yourself to see how well it performs or try to find a review of the ocrresponding cdrom drive. Generally speaking i would be satisfied if it could reach an extraction rate of 40x or more

A lot of drives will drop the speed to 8x or so, if they find errors while reading…