Does CD DVD speed PI/PO scan really work with Samsung, LG and Toshiba?

According to CD DVD Speed page here:

the software supports PI/PO scanning with the following models:

LG GCC-4320B
Samsung SM-352B
Toshiba SD-M1802

Has anybody here got those drives and could verify this information and perhaps provide an example scan from one of the drives above?

I already know that there is some trouble with Toshiba drives, but I couldn’t find confirmation about the other drives with the search feature of the forum.



PS Yes I know LiteOn/BenQ/BTC/Philips/NuTech work. I’m interested in the above mfg models (LG, Samsung and Toshiba).

other than the nu, benq, and lgs most of the others are rebaged liteons…so yes those specific models will work with it but definatly not all samsungs, toshibas, or sonys will.


I was under the impression that both LG combo drives and Samsung combo drives are their own production.

Are the models I listed above LiteOn oem? RPC1 doesn’t seem to list them like that and the firmwares are all different.

I know that Toshiba makes their own dvd-roms.

So, anybody have a first hand test on those units that I listed above?

i didnt say the lgs were rebaged…as for the samsung it could be thier manufactor but i know sony rebages liteons for sure.

Yes I know Sony does that (also used OEM from BTC), but I’m interested in aforementioned Samsung, Toshiba and LG models ONLY :wink:

LG makes their own, Samsung and Toshiba are in a joint venture. I guess their drives are hardware wise pretty much the same. (not sure though)

I heard that Samsung SH-W08ARNS is same as Toshiba SD-R5272. (But a company may change its OEM source for different model, so nothing is guaranteed.) I don’t know much about the performance of those drives. (There’s no forum here. :frowning: )

Very few percentage of Samsung ODD drives are made by Toshiba because the joint venture has been formed just a while ago.

SM-316/348/352 combo drives are all Samsung’s own. Practically all LG and Samsung optical drives except DVD writers are their own productions. It will take some time for the two South Korean makers to design and produce on their own but as soon as they have enough resources to make them themselves, they’ll become less dependent on the joint ventures with Japanese.

LG and Samsung didn’t anticipate the DVD writer market will grow this fast. They have always believed they’d be going to sell CD-ROM, CD-R, DVD-ROM, and combo drives for many years to come. That’s why they didn’t prepare in advance. The Japanese makers like Sony have recently started some kind of wars on the two South Korean companies because LG and Samsung have taken some of the traditional Japanese market. They love and hate each others.

I had two SM-352B but I gave one to a friend and the other seems to need replacement. I’d rather have one SpinPoint P80 160GB SATA HfDD instead of two outdated SM-352B.

Actually, most of LG’s recent drives have been designed under the roof of Hitachi-LG lab in Toko. Some works are done in Pyungtaek, South Korea but most of the important works are done in Tokyo. Hitachi has more control but that could change in a near future. Moreover, Hitachi’s about two times bigger than LG group yet though LG’s more profitable.

Thanks for the enlightment on the manufacturers and design.

Now, can we please get back to topic, now we’ve settled that they are not LiteOns :slight_smile:

Do any of the above work scanning PI/PO with CD DVD Speed 3.x?