Does burning software effect disc quality?

I have searched google and this site with no luck (I’m not lazy).
Does burning software effect disc quality?
By disc quality I mean C1 and C2 error rates. (or for DVD PI error and PI failure rates)
I want to get maximum quality burns with my setup.
Apart from:
The burner you use, the media you use, the speed you burn at.
Are there any other factors which influence burn quality?

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Personally I think burning software increases the quality only then if
you’ve a version with some heavy bugs!
To have quality burns for me it depends more on the media, burning speed
and the drive I have included firmwares which should improve writing
quality of different medias! What for a setup you’ve?
Pozdrav u zagreb :wink:

My Setup:
Asus A7V motherboard rev 1.01 (VIA KT133 chipset)
AMD Duron (Applebred) 1600Mhz @ 1320 (yes, underclocked due to old MB)
256MB PC-133 RAM
Seagate 7200.7 120GB HDD
Asus DRW-1608P burner (firmware v1.17 came already installed)

Win XP Pro SP1
I’m using Nero, the lastest version of Nero 6 (Not including Nero 6 Reloaded) - as far as I know, no bugs.

I might try alcohol 120% and see if there is any difference :slight_smile:
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That would be the best way!
Try different burn progs, then you could see what’s the best for you.
But if you’ve Nero 6 you could update it without problems to Nero Reloaded.
Latest nero version is you’ll find it on their website Here
And look for the best quality media you can get like Taiyo Yuden :stuck_out_tongue: ,
Verbatim, Ricoh etc.
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I actually have seen certain programs give higher errors that others in scans.

Can you say which one/ones do that you’ve experienced?

Sure even though I know some people wont agree.
Apps I’ve tested include:
RecordNow 4.5-4.6
Alcohol 120%

PIE and PIF numbers, 1 being least and 5 being highest.
RecordNow 4.5-4.6 = 1
Nero = 2
DiscJuggler = 3
CopyToDVD = 5
Alcohol 120% = 2
DVDDecrypter = 2

From my test CopyToDVD always had an unusual amount of PIE and PIF compared to all the other apps. I can’t explain this. I have tried over and over with new version and get the same results. DiscJuggler was a litte high too but not as bad.

The apps I rated 1s and 2s were very very close.

I’m probably forgetting about some. Those are the ones that stand out in my mind.

Thanks for the info. Very interesting you kept track.