Does burning software affect the final DVD?


Does the software used to burn a DVD affect the quality
or reliability of the image? Does it mater what software you
use to burn?

I use Sony Architect 2.0a to compile my DVD’s and
MainConcept 1.4 to encode. I am curios what I should use to burn.

I could burn with:
ImgToolBurn 1.1.5
or I could use Sony Architect 2.0a to burn

I am using:
Pioneer A08XL 1.14
1.7 Pentium 4
Windows 2000 sp4

Thank you in advance.

Yes it most certainly does, we’ve had “bad luck” with Nero not playing on stand alones but good luck with Encore, Architect also works well.

Also the actual Media brand/type makes a difference too, try not to use consumer-end media for 100% compatyibilty. I like the Taiyo Yuden for DVD-R as well their best CD-R.

The gold coated DVD-Rs are the best but can be around $6 each!

Just to make sure I have this correct…

The software used to burn could affect the reliability of what/where the disc may play but won’t affect the image quality. Image quality is determined by the encoder used?

The strange problem I have is in Nero I can burn my disc in 6:30 in Architect the same project takes 18:20. Both are using TY media 8x rated and both are tested on two types of DVD standalone player. Is this a Architect problem or burner problem?

Yes the software used certainly can effect that, Nero is consumer-level software not for professionals.

No the quality is not changed, this has to do with compatibilty. If these are just your “home movies” I wouldn’t be worrying about this as long as they work for you.

It sounds like Nero is burning at 8x and Architect only at 4x, try updating your ASPI drivers or ask around about the Architect issue.