Does burning files to dvd lower quality of files?

Hey ev1, just have a few questions concerning burning some files to dvd.

    My situation is that i have files that i want to burn to a dvd+r dl, but don't have them at the moment (they will arrive in a few weeks with new hd). And also don't have space in hd.

I would like to know if burning those files to a dvd (just as files) at 2X, then when the dvd+r dl’s arrive, i send the files to my computer and burn it again.
Will this lower the quality of the files?

This would also save me a whole lot of time.

I’m using ashampoo burning studio 7

Data files or video files
Use Imgburn it is free and does more

they are data files…mostly .rar

Still use Imgburn,use good dl’s(I only use Verbatium)have had problems with other brands.

No - there is no generation loss - It is identical to transfering files from one HD to another - You are transfering DATA from point A to point B nothing is altered or changed - you can go back and forth HD -> DVD -> HD as many times as you want. Just make sure the media is decent and has no burning errors - you don’t need to burn at 2x :smiley: Use your certified speed, for data, no problem. To be on the safe side you can also run a binary compare of your files on HD with the ones on DVD to reassure you - normally on a succesfuly burnt disc the data should be identical bit for bit.

ok, thx for all the help, how do i perform the binary check?(I’m going to use verbatims also)

nvm found programs for that

Thankyou very much for all the help :slight_smile:

My bad use ashampoo to burn your .rar files

hey guys, can someone help me with the whole binary compare thing (programs or tutorial) …and by the way files are r00…01…02…etc.(each about 100mb)…tyvm again and i know i’m a newbie:D lol